Massive Rush For Jobs In Dunedin

The unemployment situation in New Zealand isn’t really easing if the reports about the rush at the Dunedin store of Bunnings (A DIY Store) is anything to go by.

Apparently 1,700 job seekers turned up to apply for 110 jobs, as people sacked in the recession turned up to find work. The Herald says:

“The store manager of the new Bunnings Warehouse, Mat Jung, said a significant number of applications were from people made redundant in the past two years…

Those applying included students, builders, plumbers and people who had never worked in retail before.”

By the end of the recruitment process he’s expecting to have received over 2,000 applications.

It’s disconcerting to see trades people applying for those jobs, these are exactly the types of occupations that migrants are still being attracted over to NZ with. Guess the word about the dire job situation still isn’t getting out, income from all those visa applications is simply too good to pass up?

The Ministry of Social Development’s southern regional commissioner, John Allen, said he believed it was a sobering reminder of the level of unemployment in Dunedin.

He was not surprised by the number of applications.

“We are aware from our discussions with employers that it’s a highly competitive job market at the moment. The labour market is still tight and there are a high number of applicants for many jobs.”

The wave of applications is similar to the situation experienced at a new Countdown supermarket in South Auckland, when 2500 people turned up to apply for one of 150 jobs.”

It has to be better than a low paid job in McDonalds though, doesn’t it?

For background reading about finding work in New Zealand please read:

Dumb down, if you want to get a job in New Zealand – job seekers being advised to leave qualifications off their CVs so that they can get a job.

Would you like a future with that? The Burgerization of McZealand – The Dept. of Work and Income have struck a deal with a fast food giant to provide work and take 7,000 people off the dole queue, at a cost of $16,000 a head.

Philippines warns citizens about NZ work to residence scheme -“Philippines consul-general Emilie Shi says Immigration New Zealand is not doing enough to warn would-be applicants about the difficulties of finding a job or telling them that Kiwis will be given preference by employers. “Immigration New Zealand continues to say what a great place this country is to come live and work in, but they cover up the fact that it is very difficult to find a job here, or that they will be treated as second-class workers under the scheme”

NZ immigrants forced to live in Third World Conditions – “A migrant worker from Russia said he spent his last $1500 in February on a van which had now become his home:

“Before I bought the van, I had nowhere to go and I had been sleeping on the streets since I lost my job last year, but I knew winter was coming and this is the cheapest way to make sure I have shelter,” he said.

The former engineer, who has a work permit that runs until September next year, says he knows which office and commercial buildings have shower facilities that he can use early in the mornings before workers arrive.

A 33-year-old German architect, who was made redundant a month after she gained her New Zealand residency last year, said she had been living in a $1200 van with her partner, also unemployed, since Christmas…”

2 thoughts on “Massive Rush For Jobs In Dunedin

  1. Eve & all you others writing about immigration and employment; Yup! Tough times. Good luck everyone ❤

  2. There is a recession going on all over the world, however; New Zealand immigration websites need to stop giving the false impression there are jobs available for skilled migrants. THERE ARE NONE, OR VERY FEW!! The expenses required to move to New Zealand from most places and then the resettlement once there are astronomical. I managed to “escape” the NZ relocation trap, am here back in the states…I would guess it’s going to take me at least 6 months to recuperate from the financial suicide of going to New Zealand. Anyone thinking of relocating to New Zealand, please pay attention!!! I wish I would have known, that’s all I can say…

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