Another 100% Pure NZ Fail – Effluent Entering Mangaore Stream

Shot by Ross Campbell. Raw sewage from a council owned treatment works is discharged into the Mangaore Stream which flows into the Manawatu River. Positively third world, or 100% pure?

Beaten Up After Filming




A 70-year-old man has been bashed in a late night attack at his home in Horowhenua.

Staunch environmentalist John Andrews says he may have been a target as he had highlighted pollution issues from the Shannon Sewage Treatment Plant into the Otāuru River.

Battered and bruised, Corny Andrews is still recovering from an assault right on his doorstep.

“I saw two men in the glooms and said what’s going on? What are you up to? I thought they might be trying to tahae my van, and then I heard someone behind me and then boom and I ended up down there,” says victim, Mr Andrews.

Andrews says the attack lasted several minutes, but he stayed quiet knowing his wife, Nanny Sharky, was inside alone, “I was a bit dazed, and next minute I got a kick in the mouth, and I knew exactly then what was going on and I curled up in a ball, and I got a couple of kicks to the head and over here.”

The environmentalist had been at the Mangaore Stream earlier in the day recording this footage he says shows toilet paper in the water from the Shannon Waste Water Treatment plant.

“We had had an altercation with the Regional Council earlier in the day out there and I don’t know if theres any connection and I would only be speculating if there was, but this fight has been going on for years,” says Andrews. source


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  1. Endocrine disrupters are found in shampoo,conditioner ,moisturiser some canned foods and many other products,they cause cancer and developemental issues in children,the biggest effect is that as they mimic natural estrogen they cause the feminisation of males and masculization of females.We can all expect the Bruce Jenner effect to be the norm not the exception very soon because these chemicals are already in our drinking water.Pathetic attempts at waste water treatement and lack of regulation as to the content of consumer goods will ensure that this problem only gets worse.

  2. It is sad. Please don’t destroy it all council… Experiencing the 5.8 earthquake on Sunday made us look back to the 6.2 earthquake on February 22nd 2011. Christchurch has been through a lot but they are recovering thanks to so many foreign workers (including Asians) helping to build up the city. I am sure the kiwi’s are very great full of that ?! Aren’t you guy’s ?! We will take an moment of silence to remember the victims on this day and we wish all kiwi’s who lost family and friends on that day love , peace and happiness.

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