“Nice Scenery, Good Wine and Food. Shame About The Inbred Psychopaths.”

This was found on a site called TrueSlant.com and we’re including it in our collection of Kiwi Talk pages.

It was written by New Zealander Scott Alexander Young, aka ‘Jet Set Hobbo’, and is about the recently released New Zealand Institute’s Report that stated that New Zealand has one of the worst murder rates in the whole of the OECD.

We’re including it because it shows why some of the country’s brightest and most talented people leave and never return,  and how a once decent and peaceful society can be changed for the worse within a couple of generations.

NZ murder record among worst

Scottish tourist Karen Aim was murdered in Taupo in January 2008 by a 14-year-old.

The murder and manslaughter of about 100 people a year makes New Zealand one of the most violent countries in the developed world, according to a new independent report. New Zealand has been given a “D” rating on a report card prepared by the New Zealand Institute, because of its high rates of violent deaths and child abuse.

This weekend, the United Nations Human Rights Committee expressed concern at New Zealand’s high rates of child abuse, and recommended the Government encourage reporting of suspected abuse, and ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice.

via NZ murder record among worst – National – NZ Herald News.

Not a day goes by when I don’t give thanks that I got out of New Zealand again, even if it was initially to go and work in Dickensian sweatshop conditions for a publisher in Beirut.

For one thing, when the ‘Jet-Set Hobo’ isn’t flying from one town to another, he likes to be able to safely walk the streets at night. Not really a possibility in Auckland, where people drive to their front gate just to collect the mail, and where teenage gangs roam the streets, looking to kick people’s heads in, and worse. If you want to see what a generation or two of treating adults like children (and vice versa) and culprits like victims (ditto) can do to a once decent and peaceful society, then get in a plane and fly 30 hours to brain dead, jingoistic, wilfully bloody stupid New Zealand. Just don’t ask me to join you, as the only way I’ll be heading back there is in a pine box. Nice scenery, good wine and food. Shame about the inbred psychopaths.”

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