Racist, Bullying Attack on an Auckland Bus

Bus Bully

This video shows an attack on an Auckland bus (“don’t take my speaker”), followed by a torrent of racial abuse ending with physical violence. The incident happened on the 710 bus service between Britomart and Panmure at 11,30pm on 5 January 2015. The person who filmed says they were both victim and witness.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvvTN-acyB4

3 News picked up the story, saying

In the video, there appear to only be several people on the bus at the time, with one passenger trying to break up the fight.

A police spokeswoman says the person who filmed the incident has been spoken to.

The witness who recorded the incident says it happened around Kupe St in Orakei.

He says he only filmed “the last 60 percent” of the attack. source 3 News




4 thoughts on “Racist, Bullying Attack on an Auckland Bus

  1. Somewhat related:
    Teen victims told to stay home from Manurewa High School as ‘safety cannot be guaranteed’
    By Sarah Harris
    3:16 PM Monday Mar 20, 2017
    A teen couple say they have been forced to stay at home after their school said it could not ensure their safety from a mob of students who allegedly attacked them.

    Police and the school are both investigating the incident, and a legal expert said the couple’s right to an education could be breached.

    Three students were stood down after the alleged beating, which saw Manurewa High School students Dylyn Martin, 15, and her boyfriend battered and bruised.

    Something tells me the bullies have “poor self-esteem”, “difficulty expressing themselves with words” and are “staunch, hands-on learners” /sarcasm

    Of course, they won’t be punished, because punishment implies they did something wrong, and every student deserves an education despite victimising others /sarcasm


  2. “Surprised am I?” said no one. 100% pure stupidity. There is little hope of any return for such shitheads who don’t know what freedom is in the first place and then audacity to counter argue on “freedom of “


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