New Zealand Hate Site Says ‘Let Australia Burn.’ Time for FB to Ban the Boycott Site?

burn aus

Is the ANZAC spirit dead in the water in New Zealand? (click to enlarge)

A New Zealand hate site is promoting the overthrow of Australia by asking Kiwis to boycott all things Australian – from Supermarkets to banks to DIY stores. To date the page has only attracted 10,300 likes. Its mission statement is: “Countdown owned by Woolworths of Australia is refusing to stock NZ products in its Aussie supermarkets. Lets return the favour and refuse to shop there.”

The reason for setting up the page was stated in this simple message from the semi-literate admin (Ed. let’s hope he’s better with numbers than he is words) of the Boycott Countdown Facebook page:

February 7 by Boycott Countdown.
Good morning all. Lets (sic) start giving the Aussie’s (sic) a taste of their own medicin (sic). Bunning’s (sic) also seems to be doing the same and remember Pak n Save and New World are all owned by Kiwi’s (sic) under a cooperative structure so by supporting them you support your local community not a country that treats kiwi’s (sic) as second class citizens.

It appears the true motivation for the site isn’t to protest against an alleged Australian boycott of New Zealand produce. Could it be repressed passive-aggressiveness because New Zealanders do not have access to welfare handouts in Australia?


What has this post to do with protecting New Zealand growers and producers?

Never trust an Aussie

The page, which is administered by Tauranga ‘accountant’ Nevan Lancaster (below), posted this garbled message about imputation credits, also on 7 February. Now we may be getting down to the real reason for his call to boycott Australian businesses –  does he resent paying tax on his Australian investments? Maybe that’s the reason for the bully-boy tactics, or maybe he just hates Australians? Mr Lancaster also owns kayak rental business. Is he going to refuse to serve Aussies from now on? (Ed. highly unlikely, cash wins). This has being (sic) an issue for several years with Australia penalizing NZ investors while NZ has allowed Aussie’s (sic) to take advantage of our imputation credits. Still hew (sic) only promised to look not actually fix. Never trust and (sic) Aussie!

Nevan Lancaster

Proud Kiwi Nevan Lancaster

On the same day his hatred for Australian businesses and tax systems spilled over, and he started to suggest that Australia be left to burn in bush fires, forgetting the assistance that Australia gave during the Christchurch earthquakes and Pike River (Coal) Mine disaster (see image at the top of this page).

This is how his hate speech was countered by some New Zealanders. It is good to know that there are still some decent people in New Zealand and that sanity can prevail.

burn aus 2

You may also be interested in our Wiki Page – Green credentials or Greenwash? New Zealand’s environmental record found wanting.

In April 2011 a copy of the government’s draft energy strategy: Developing Our Energy Potential was released ’mistakenly’ into the public domain. It quickly became evident that the present National government was placing far too much emphasis on the mining of fossil fuels in New Zealand.

The Green Party called the strategy which promoted coal and oil exploration, 19th century and said it put ‘petroleum and mineral fuel reserves (essentially oil, gas and coal) ahead of investing in renewable power sources and new technologies.

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  1. With all the Kiwis Australia takes in, letting them take Australian jobs, wouldn’t you think Kiwis would be more charitable.

    • There are probably many migrants in NZ who feel a degree of schadenfreude at the Kiwis’ plight in Australia. At least New Zealanders haven’t got so far to go home when it all ‘turns to custard.’

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