Migrant Tales – Farewell New Zealand: “You aint’ one of us and never will be”


There are good reasons reason why only 4.4 million people live in New Zealand

Welcome to our latest Migrant Tale – first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand.

Today’s tale was sent in by a British migrant who has lived in NZ for 13 years and finally had enough of the anti-immigrant sentiment, the feeling of not being allowed to belong, and above all – the racism.

Farewell New Zealand
Time to move on from the struggle, 13 years of adopting and changing to the Kiwi life. It ain’t that bad, alas it ain’t so good.
Why is New Zealand so boring. It has a climate, land mass that is pleasant. Different classes of people.
White NZ
Brown NZ
Asian NZ
Island NZ
The most sad fact of living here has been the racist view from people. My son goes to a school, were the role is made up off 55% Asian children. And sadly i have seen white NZ become more opposed to these children. If you invite immigration, you have to accept the people who arrive.
What is sad in all this, is that i have twice taken NZ companies to court and won both times for discrimination at work. I an British, white and speak 4 languages. Have lived in numerous countries and have my faults.
Learning to adopt and deal with a country that struggles to change has not been easy. What happened to my work life i put down to bad eggs and the kiwi Tall Poppy syndrome.
Yet in the last 3 years, i have seen and heard comments that have made me realize that New Zealand has a core fault of, ‘you ain’t one of us and never will be. ‘
That brings all sorts of problems, listened in this forum.
A lot of people move to New Zealand because they are running away from something.
i have friends here, expats that moved here to escape the life of their home land. South Africans, who hope that their kids have level playing field.
British/ Irish running from the rat race.
Europe mainland, lack of work, taking the chance.
What i have seen are those that come from small places adopt better, they want a private life and have little interaction with others.
I see New Zealand is the Elephant grave yard, if you just want to exist and wait for death it is ideal.

The big problem for New Zealand now, is immigration being Asian, as white Europeans don’t see New Zealand as a better opportunity anymore.
This will bring even more racism and in the not too distant future, most school children will be Asian.
So if i can return in 100 years and see New Zealand a happy place because the existing poor attitude is removed by the new immigrants, i would stay.
As for now its farewell, to all the lies, the make believe No 8 wire folklore. Who cares, she be right, f…k off to your own country. list is endless
New Zealand has little respect for any other human experience if it is not trapped in their own mind set.


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10 thoughts on “Migrant Tales – Farewell New Zealand: “You aint’ one of us and never will be”

  1. Hi there, Yes I agree with the original post. I am an American and cannot count how many times I was told “go back where you came from”! I was in NZ about 13 years, worst time of my life and I cannot believe I wasted so many of my years on these cold, cold people. I am a nice, friendly, well traveled American, so I’m not obnoxious, rude, or ignorant like some I’ve met traveling to NZ. In all my years there I have NO FRIENDS!! I have been back in the USA now for 3 months since leaving and have so many friends so far! People actually come over to my house and hang out! They actually call/text when they say they will! Unlike Kiwis, if you’re not born there and have grown up with others and gone to school there; you’re fucked. NO social life for you! Even when my kid was going to school, I invited all the kids from his class to his birthday and sure, the other parents dropped their kids off then they left. Didn’t even stay to hang out, talk, chat, NOTHING. How awkward!
    Also, Kiwis used to be proud of their British heritage and celebrate the fact they are a British commonwealth. Now they think they are special and somehow being proud of your British past is inferior. In doing so, they’ve tried to become this “multicultural, diverse” society (from the top) but the regular people don’t want their country filling up with Asians, Africans, refugees, etc. They barely tolerate their own British cousins! NZ is going to have a VERY big problem on their hands in a few years as all these groups they are bringing in WILL NOT assimilate, either because they don’t want to or can’t. And what you’ll get is an even more reclusive, isolated and detached society. Let’s not get started on the Maori. They can’t stand any newcomers. Which is why I think it is absolutely INSANE to add more groups into the society when the white Kiwis and the Maori have so many problems with each other!
    Anyway I could go on and on…..oh yes and the racism is REAL, but not towards the dark skinned folk (because us whites get that too) rather racist towards the BRITISH. They are deliberately turning away white British (& Irish) and replacing with Asians & others. My husband (British) was only getting 1 year work visas at a time and the Filipinos, Asians, Indians, etc. were all getting AUTOMATIC 5 year work visas! Unbelievable! GOODBYE New Zealand! Take a look at whats happening in Europe with the refugee (invaders) and look where you’ll be in 10 years. It will be another 3rd world shit hole!!

    • if you’re not born there and have grown up with others and gone to school there; you’re ______

      It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I wish someone would have told me this when I was younger but what I have learnt from all these years in NZ is the most important thing in life is to be born with the right skin colour otherwise you are doomed from the start. Instead I bought into the dream that I can fit in and having a normal life by working hard and achieving things. Little did I know that as Asian I will always be treated like a second class citizen.

  3. Lots of houses burned in Christchurch ,wonder what school they all went to ,their favourite question .where did you go to school ,luckily most of the houses look very expensive and most likely belong to N.Z officials

  4. N.Z is built on lies ,Your problems seem to stem from a government which lies to its people and immigrants ,most people in N.Z do not want immigrants do not like or trust Asians or Indians and have had no democratic input into government immigration policies .Sad to say but I don’t know of a single country on this planet which enjoys having 60000 new immigrants each year.

    • NZ isn’t just built on lies, it was FOUNDED on lies and incompetence. The founding document of NZ, the Treaty of Waitangi, came in two versions with a MAJOR difference in the translation. The version written in English had the Maori handing over their sovereignty, while the Maori version had the Europeans governing the country in the name of the Maori, while the Maori retained sovereignty.

      Now either this difference in the documents was created deliberately, or it was created accidentally. If it was deliberate, then the country was founded on lies in the form of deliberate fraud (it could also be considered a bait and switch scam). If it was done accidentally, then the country was founded on incompetence.

      Of course, it could also be a combination of the two. Either way, these two attributes, fraud and incompetence, are deeply ingrained in NZ society (along with the Puritan values of intolerance, judgement and punishment).

      • Xavier,

        My money is on ‘created deliberately’. The British were one of history’s most successful land thieves, they probably expected the Maori to ‘disappear’ sooner or later. The Treaty was a scam.

        • I would say it was founded on deliberate lies. If you look at NZ history when the country was first settled you will see plenty of examples of the British government of the time peddling outright lies to get people to move to NZ. The Howick Fencibles was a classic case in point. They were told of a pacific paradise with homes and land waiting for them on arrival. What they got was shacks and huts and land that was not fit to habit. The red cross of the time said the Howick settlement was a disaster zone and not fit for human habitation. People were starving, they were living in mud and straw makeshift huts (an example of one of these is in the Howick Historical Village), due to the terrain there was a lack of fire wood so heating and cooking became a problem. These ex soldiers and their families were lied to and then dumped miles from civilization with no way to return. At that time to get to Auckland town from Howick took a three day yomp over swaps as there was no road. It was hell for those families and they only succeeded because of the strength of their nature.

          There is an interesting book regarding this part of NZ history and it is not sugar coated and tells the reality of what those people went through. It has been a dispicable country from the begining in terms of it’s ability to lie and destroy lives for profit!

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