Islamophobia Is Real, Violent and Ugly In Huntly, Waikato New Zealand -updated


Shocking attack by a passerby on a Muslim woman in Huntly, Waikato, New Zealand

This video was posted on 10 Feb to Mehpara Khan’s twitter account. Warning the video contains offensive language and scenes of violence, discretion is advised.

Mehpara tweeted

I’m an Ahmadi Muslim – would love to chat and talk about how islamophobia affects us all. There were 5 of us Muslim girls together – we’re back in Akl now at the police station filing a report.

At the police station in manukau about to file a report. Still shaking.

I’m covered in beer – I feel disgusting 😦

Ironically, in November last year Mehpara tweeted she was worried for Muslims in America, never dreaming she would experience their horror and fear in her own country:

The New Zealand Herald got to hear about the attack the following day and wrote:

It was the second time Khan, a Kiwi-born Muslim, had been subjected to a racist attack.

In 2015 a man approached her when she was at McDonalds with friends and “started screaming at me for being Muslim”.

“The last time this happened I didn’t do anything about it. I just got up and left. That made me feel just terrible and I didn’t want to ever feel like that again,” she said.

This time Khan wasn’t prepared to just walk away. She got out her phone and started filming the woman… source

As in the US, it is deeply disturbing to see the level of hatred and abuse shown in the video directed at anyone, let alone because of the color of a person’s skin or their religion.

Especially when people practicing that religion do so with peace and dignity. Here’s some more of Mehpara’s tweets:

It looks like Mehpara was making a toilet stop with her friends when she is approached by a passerby on her way home from rugby or soccer practice, carrying a can of drink, possibly alcohol. The woman walks by in stocking feet, carrying her boots in a bag and launches into a violent tirade of verbal and physical assault.

No doubt the violent woman was emboldened and enabled by recent events in the US.

Donald Trump’s policies have a great deal of support in some  New Zealand communities.

There is a deep seated resentment of outsiders  in New Zealand, and the more foreign someone looks the more likely they are to encounter racist abuse and discrimination.

Country of birth doesn’t count for anything.

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14 thoughts on “Islamophobia Is Real, Violent and Ugly In Huntly, Waikato New Zealand -updated

  1. A couple of years ago in the Bay of Plenty a tradesman came to do a job for us. He was kiwi. A genuinely pleasant conscientious person. I offered him a cup of tea. He accepted and we sat quietly in the shade chatting.
    He asked me about my religion which I thought a little strange but told him anyway. In the same, calm pleasant voice; very matter of fact he told me about the “Muslim plan to take over the world and impose Sharia law”. I asked him where he obtained this information and he said it was all “on-line” and he and his mates were researching this “fact”.
    He asked me what I thought (he seemed genuinely frightened). I said that although I didn’t know anything about a plan to take over the world: extremists from any religion could be dangerous. They were also usually a small but vocal minority. I also said that the best way to deal with this fear might be for him to meet a Muslim who was willing to answer any questions he might have.
    There are loud mouthed bigots who abuse others for their appearance gender religion or sexuality orientation. Perhaps more dangerous are those who in fear and ignorance perpetrate lies that circulate amongst like-minded people without being challenged.
    The population of NZ is relatively small. There is an opportunity for all of us to promote the quality of gentle enquiry. To learn about other cultures and understand that in diversity is the strength of an adaptable, resilient community.
    I’m deeply saddened by such a racist attack. I also know that whilst some people deliberately choose such racist views; others are led by misinformation and are redeemable.
    The question is: how to reach the latter?

    • The biggest enemy is ignorance, but for how long can we continue to turn a blind-eye in the name of political correctness?

      Although the Muslim conquest for world domination seems highly sensationalised (for future civil wars and a police state… go figure) and White Nationalism is on the rise all over the Western world due to mass immigration, draining the welfare systems in Western countries along with a significantly higher fertility rate among Muslim women compared to Caucasian women which are barely by replacement levels (also done by design thanks to feminism). This “takeover” is a global Zio-fascist engineered takeover done via destabilising Muslim countries (Syria, Iraq, Libya etc) by proxy wars fought by mercenaries with an agenda to flood predominantly Caucasian. The average Muslim on the street will deny any conquest endeavours, but what people must understand is that Islam is not a religion, it’s an expansionist ideology. Coming from a Muslim background myself I can tell you we are taught to blindly follow what our religion teaches without questioning it and many of our ancestors were forcefully converted many generations ago and as a result, our indigenous culture and heritage were displaced. It saddens me to see Europe is heading down the same path thanks to the far-left, SJW feminists and political correctness. The only solution I see is to support Caucasian people’s right to their own self-determination, to halt mass immigration and for Muslims already residing in Western countries along with all other people part of the 99% to come together peacefully and engage in a dialogue – where we hold our politicians accountable for treason, increased unemployment rates (via outsourcing jobs, corporate takeover), increased national debt, aiding proxy and illegal wars in Muslim countries (and stand against all future wars regardless of where they may be). Muslims and humanity in general, have the same enemies in general, those being statism, fascism and globalisation. Muslims are also being exploited by politicians in the West in exchange for voting the same politicians in again, over and over again since a significant number of people in the West have lost faith in their vote, especially the Millennial generation.

  2. Hi, I am sorry if this is the wrong place (I don’t know where else to put it)

    I’m a young New Zealander, and I am terribly worried about job availability here and considering the housing inflation I might not even get my own house until I’m in my late 30’s. I’m thinking about moving to Canada, same climate, similar people, great, bustling cities. I will be applying for McGill in Montreal, University of Toronto in Toronto and Cornell University in New York.

    Here is the problem. I want to enter politics. I’m worried if I move to Canada it might be a lot harder to become a politician because of my education and life has been in New Zealand for 18 years. I’m also deciding if I want to become a politician for New Zealand as it may be easier being a natural born citizen.

    Any help would be appreciated, alongside bias, I don’t mind I’m just torn between decisions. Also, I don’t want to live on an island for the rest of my life 😛

    • My suggestion is to refrain from a political career altogether. Politics attracts the most execrable human beings. I suggest focus on improving yourself first. Once you think are more or less there, you can focus on those close to you such as your family or neighbourhood.

      I certainly suggest Canada over New Zealand any day. You will have far more opportunities and exposure to better quality people.

    • Canada as one of leading leftist liberal countries in world will have no issues in letting foreigners becoming politicians so long as they are a citizen. Personally though if I was you I would adopt American/Canadian Accent if you want to start career in politics there. The more Canadian you are, the better off you will be. That doesn’t work just say you’re from Newfoundland since that’s essentially all New Zealand is. Australia’s Newfoundland. A place that most people forget exists until they are reminded that it does …

    • I think you should get some life experiences first, (I assume you are 18). The likes of John Key & David Shearer didn’t get into politics until they were in their 40’s so you probably don’t need to rush that decision. Interesting that you have picked up on this site. I am in my 40s and as an immigrant am still trying to get my head around New Zealand politics. It has become apparent to me in recent times how much the NZ print media is largely controlled from Australia (Fairfax) and I think there is perhaps a strong element of commercialism and content driven by the sponsors. The Stuff news hub seems more like a marketing hub. This site offers a perspective that the commercial sector wouldn’t like but it offers a much deeper view on the darker elements of New Zealand. There are people out there who think the discussions on this site should be banned and yet 99% of it is harmless.

    • Well it all depends on your situation,if you have a cousin brother or other family member who can give you a secret leg up then N.Z politics is for you ,also if you don’t have the above being able to prove some degree of Maori heritage would be helpful.

  3. Follow up:

    “Megan Sarah Louise Walton, 27, of no fixed abode in Auckland, appeared in the Hamilton District Court on Monday, charged with assault, assault using a can of alcohol as a weapon, and behaving “in an insulting manner that was likely in the circumstances to cause violence against persons”.”

    Proves the adage, shame early and shame often. The person was very lucky their camera wasn’t smashed – which is why for these situations, people feeling they’re going to cop abuse, need to prep indoors on how they’d react to such behaviour – much easier for these incidents to come to the public consciousness the more people believe it’s not right and a civil society(NOT superficially civil) is a stable society.

    I believe people only “behave properly” because they have a stake in the community they live in.

    “of no fixed abode” is precisely what emboldens people to think that they can intimidate people and get away with it. The rootless become the riotous.

  4. Id guess that this one drank to much and would have found a reason to pick a fight with anybody,I don’t think a huge deal should be made about this particular incident,the perpetrator has been publicly shamed on social media and the local cops have arrested her ,pretty good result for a moronic situation,also I don’t recommend stopping the car in Huntly.

  5. This is has nothing to do with religion, if you know Huntly really. NZ is a secular country than religious. More than half of the population are non religious. please mindful that religion is just personal and private. Dont be expressive in public life. Please don’t import worldwide prey arguments of cults. if islam is real, islamohobia is real now a days. Accept it. that is another issue and nothing to do with this.

    • I wouldn’t class it as Islamophobia, just drunk, degenerate behaviour. I can imagine if the victim was East Asian they would get the same reaction. It’s just intoxication, ignorance and internalised hatred of foreigners. This behaviour is typical, you see it everywhere most commonly in schools, ghettos and on roads.

  6. Typical degenerate, uneducated redneck Kiwi. People like that should be euthanised for their own good. Waste of oxygen. Racism is prevalent as a whole in NZ.

    If you’re not a ‘Kiwi’, you ‘don’t belong here’. Irony is without other countries, NZ would sink to the bottom of the ocean.

  7. This kind of thing happens all the time in NZ and usually has little to do with religion etc. It’s poverty/societal based and ingrained.

    It sounds stupid but it usually starts if you look at someone in the eyes or observe them from a distance for an extended period. People just flip. Seen it happen many times and it has happened to me. I am surprised she still has a cell phone as usually this would be the first thing to be destroyed in a confrontation and makes things much worse.

    This is not new thing and little to do with Trump. Just a Normal day in NZ.

  8. Although an appalling example, I would guess this is a fairly isolated one. The abuser looked like a fairly typical bogan retard; who’s attitude towards anyone who she took a dislike to would be similar. There are a lot of mentally ill people in New Zealand, and far too many of them walk the streets. You cannot reason with a total moron. In my 15 years in New Zealand, I encountered far too many people who grossly overreacted verbally to circumstances which didn’t warrant it. I’ve been given the finger plenty of times just for over taking people in my car and give someone a light tap on the horn when they sit at a green traffic light will usually summon the same reaction. Most kiwis are rude first, then back track when you pull them up about it, or just walk off. Very juvenile people, in my experience of course.

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