Has Trump’s Disorder Descended on New Zealand? “No Left Wing Tossers”. Peter Thiel and Stuart Jolly.


New Zealanders are alarmed that the disorder that afflicts President Trump has infected their own country.

As told in a series of images uploaded to Twitter it looks like Trump’s extreme right wing nationalism has gained a foothold in ‘New Zealand’s dairy industry.


Enough to curdle the milk? The Burr Family Dairy Farm is thought to be close to Piopio.

If this becomes widespread we predict it may have a hugely negative effect on the NZ dairy industry across the globe:

New Zealand has recently come in for criticism for quietly giving citizenship to Trump advisor billionaire Peter Thiel, prompting speculation that the country may have become the modern day equivalent of the ratlines used after the second world war. A place from which to watch the world burn, no less.

Stuart Jolly

Today we found out the New Zealand’s Washington embassy has hired Trump’s former campaign field director Stuart Jolly. The aim is to help get NZ business employees easier access to the United States after the TPPA fell apart.

The NZ embassy’s contract with Sonoran Policy Group’s Stuart Jolly runs for two months from 9 January at a cost of $25,000 a month source.

If Trump is so strongly supported in New Zealand that should make it the last place you’d want to live. Wouldn’t it? Ironic, considering that the country’s agrarian economy is largely based on cheap migrant workers, many of whom are paid well below the legal minimum wage. And horrifying when you consider how expensive food is in New Zealand.

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Travel in the Time of Trump: Trump’s New Zealand’s fans (Neverending Everywhere 8 Sept 2017) :

Despite our first run-in with Trump’s visage in Auckland, Trump does have fans here in New Zealand. Yes, New Zealand—that nature-loving, outdoorsy, free-healthcare fairly-socialist country in Oceania. I was confused at first, too.

Who are these people, and why do they support Trump? Like in the U.S., the people that support Trump seemed to be predominantly rural or small-town. They might have had ties to the U.S. And again like in the U.S., they were very, very showy of their support… read on

Farmer fined $73,000 for draining wetland (Stuff.co.nz)

A Piopio farmer has been fined $73,000 and told to help fix an internationally recognised wetland on his property which he drained for more pasture.

William and Pauline Burr were convicted under the Resource Management Act and Mr Burr was this week fined $73,000 for his part in draining the Arapae Wetland – home to a threatened indigenous fish species and significant native vegetation.

An earthworks company involved in the works has also been fined more than $21,000.

The case was brought by Waikato Regional Council which believed the Burrs intentionally drained the wetland to gain further pasture land and increase farm production after they bought the property, on State Highway 3 south of Te Kuiti, in 2008.

The case was heard in the Hamilton District Court before Judge Melanie Harland who described the offending as “energetic”.

She ruled that the Burrs’ actions had caused significant environmental effect and ordered that a remediation plan be placed before the court by March 2, 2012… read on

Mrs Burr pleaded guilty to three charges and was convicted, but received no fine.

Peter Thiel has a back up country: New Zealand (New York Times)

5 thoughts on “Has Trump’s Disorder Descended on New Zealand? “No Left Wing Tossers”. Peter Thiel and Stuart Jolly.

  1. The world will not tolerate Trumps outdated views on race and foreign policy ,I do hope that N.Z will learn something from his rise and pending fall ,we are paying ridiculous salaries to state funded programmes while people suffer ,this can’t last neither can Trump ,neither can our corrupt political system in N.Z ,in this Information Age we all expect fair and transparent access to how our money is being spent and for what purpose including the possible social and environmental impacts of our governments decisions ,the age of getting into power to line your mates pockets needs to go away.

  2. In a rural community where I lived a few years ago a kiwi share – milking family were just the loveliest most straightforward people. They looked after their stock and gave a family member of mine a part time job.
    In the same area a kiwi moved a hill; literally, to create another house building site without council consent. 2 hectares of land (aporox) completely altered using heavy earthmoving contractors.
    This happened a lot. One time a fine was issued for this but I understand no remediation was ordered. The land was sand pumice mix so quite unstable to start with. The best (worst) anecdote though goes to the works company that removed a sand dune to use sand for roading. The first king tide afterwards flooded out the access road to houses.
    There is a sense of entitlement and arrogance with some kiwi farming families. They appear to be trying to dominate and take over an area.
    Even other kiwis are often afraid of them. Intimidation and bullying; I have experienced and witnessed both. The fighting within these families seems to be constant so this can be a normal way of interacting for them. My guess would be the guys who put up the sign just think the message is hilarious and even better they have offended people.
    They would say “you need to harden up, mate”.

    • Generally In these situations it may be that the potential fine could be taken into account from the outset.
      Increasing property value and higher productivity would simply make any fines included in the initial cost benefit analysis.
      For some it isn’t so much pushing the boundaries as ignoring them altogether.
      The remediation plan? One can hope. Penalties need to rise reflecting land value increases methinks.
      Thank you for caring. There is hope with people like you around.

      • Ellen,

        Agree with your comments. Corporate fines for environmental or safety violations are usually not a deterrent. Jail time for offenders is the only solution.

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