Updated – Albany Primary School in Lockdown Following Triple Stabbing, Rangitoto College too

Police are looking for Brent Scott, believed to have been responsible for the stabbings

Police have apprehended Brent Scott, believed to have been responsible for the stabbings

Albany School on Auckland’s North Shore is in lockdown this morning after 3 people were stabbed. RadioLive reported a man and a woman were seriously injured and another woman had died. Another report from Newstalk ZB said a woman had been killed and two younger people injured.

The deceased woman was later named as Brent Scott’s former wife – Heidi Welman Scott who was 41 years old. The two injured people were named as Heidi’s daughter, Taryn Welman, 22, and her boyfriend, also 22. Ms Welman Scott is understood to have taken out a protection order against Brent Scott and he was due to appear in court this afternoon for breaching that order.

Police apprehended Brent Scott at Auckland airport as he tried to go through customs.

The attack took place at the rear entrance to Albany Primary School at the junction of Vinewood Drive and Bass Road at 8:50 this morning. The attacker then left the scene and headed for Rangitoto College

There were reports from people connected to Rangitoto College that a man had stabbed his partner and had come to the school looking for his child.

A staff member at Rangitoto College told One News they understood “a student’s dad has stabbed the mum and is now on the way here”.

One mother who contacted NZME. News Service said her 15-year-old daughter had been locked inside her Rangitoto College classroom since earlier this morning…source

Schools in New Zealand are open campuses have very little protection or security from intruders. However, pupils do routinely carry out lock-down drills.

Scott was described thus by the NZ Herald

Scott is listed as the sole director of Warthog Blade Sharpeners NZ Limited. The company has a head office in South Africa. The website says it began operating in 1999 and had been manufacturing and exporting a “patented high quality diamond knife sharpeners for more than 10 years”.

The company’s registered address is 2 Mahoney Drive, close to the site of the stabbings.

Albany Primary issued this message shortly before its website crashed..

“Albany Primary School is currently in lock down procedure as there is a police operation in the area. We are keeping all students inside classrooms as a precaution. There is no danger to any students or staff. There is no need to panic. Please do not come to school as we are following lock down procedures. We will update our website regularly to keep you updated of any changes. We are trying to keep all phone lines clear.”

According to Stuff.co.nz

Witness Hailee Wheeler said she saw the rescue helicopter land at Albany Primary School as parents were running around frantically.

“They were doing CPR on the person then the helicopter landed right in the yard,” she said.

“I think it had just happened. There were lots of parents there, they were hysterical trying to get their kids out.”

She said parents were attempting to collect their children but were told all classrooms were in lockdown. She said students were hiding under their desks.

Wheeler, who runs Albany business Brown All Year, said she saw about six ambulances and six police cars race past her building.

About 12 or 15 police officers were running up the road just before 9.30am, she said.

Wheeler said her cousin had witnessed another person receiving CPR, near Bass Rd.

Another witness, Ana Solo, was walking her friend to the bus stop about 9.40am and saw a person “lying in the gutter”.

She said the man seemed to be aged in his 20s and it looked like he had been stabbed.

“He’s lying right there, it’s like he’s been stabbed or something.” Solo was not allowed to return to her partner’s house on Vinewood Drive.

“There’s heaps of police down there, it’s all been barricaded off.”

Here’s the statement from Albany Primary School regarding the lockdown.

Full story: http://t.co/TBW5EFK9EDpic.twitter.com/9TlLJTNKvf

— Stuff.co.nz News (@NZStuff) November 26, 2014

Parents were advised not to go to the school. Five ambulances and a rescue helicopter were called to the scene.


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Early reports from New Zealand this morning said that the accused was under supervision at the time of Blesilda’s death and that he was identified as a possible suspect soon after she went missing. Also, a machete had been found and taken away by police for examination. “The accused was living just 1.4km from Mrs Gotingco’s Salisbury Rd home and 800m from the bus stop where she is thought to have got on off on her way home from work on Saturday.” more

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  1. I had a child at one of the Westlake schools. Shortly before we left there was an incident in the school grounds. It was hushed up, pupils were threatened with expulsion if they spoke to the press and the head refused to answer questions from parents.

    I was appalled at the lack of security in schools in New Zealand and the frequent school invasions and lock downs. They were mostly caused by marauding gangs of teens or disgruntled relatives settling scores.

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