Police Hunt Serial Child Sex Offender in Christchurch

Christopher Roche

Christopher Roche, the photo released by police is out of date – taken before 1996

One the day that escaped murder and pedophile Phillip Smith is deported back to New Zealand from Brazil, police have another dangerous child abuser to deal with.

Police have raided two Christchurch properties searching for a serial child sex offender who remains at large.

Christopher David Roche, 35, is wanted on a warrant for arrest.

The armed offenders squad and dog handlers yesterday raided propreties (sic) in Wigram and Kaiapoi…

In May 2013 the Sensible Sentencing Trust was advised Christopher “Starky” Roche (who also goes by the names Guntha, Damon, and Shiro Brown) was living in Christchurch.

The police sure have taken their time looking for him.


The Sensible Sentencing Trust has the following information about his man, who first offended when he was only 13 years old

From the Otago Daily Times 18th February 2000
A man police say was a member of an organised paedophile ring operating in the Wellington region pleaded guilty yesterday to five charges relating to the indecent assault of three boys. Wellington District Court Judge Craig Thompson refused continued name suppression for Christopher David Roche (20), unemployed of Miramar. Roche was remanded in custody until March 3 on two counts of indecently assaulting two boys aged 8 and 9, three counts of indecently assaulting boys aged between 12 and 16 and one count of offering to supply cannabis oil.

From the Otago Daily Times 4th August 2000
Mark Graham Smith (36), a liquor store owner, admitted 11 charges of indecently assaulting five boys and one charge of anal intercourse with a 14-year-old boy. Justice Heron said though two of the boys had consented to intercourse for money there was no excuse for his actions. “There was a determination in the way you went about seducing the boys, and using your dominance over them.” The victims were aged from 13 to 15 and were abused from March 1998 to August 1999.

Defence lawyer Mike Antunovic said Smith, who was highly regarded within the community, accepted he had a problem but he believed consent had always been gained from the two boys he paid for sex. Christopher David Roche (20), a friend of Smith’s, was earlier this year jailed for two years after admitting five charges of indecent acts against boys, and offering cannabis oil. Police had earlier claimed in a court hearing that Smith, Roche and two other men formed a paedophile ring but the men’s lawyers disputed the claim. One of the other men was acquitted and another is to be tried in October. Mr Antunovic said Smith and his partner had continued their relationship throughout the court case but it had become difficult for them.

Smith’s two Brown Paper Bag liquor stores had also struggled since his arrest, resulting in the closure of one. In a victim impact statement read to the court, one of the victims said he did not realise at the time what Smith had done to him as he was under the influence of the drug amyl nitrate. “I felt I had been taken advantage of, and abused – I will never forgive or forget what he has done.” Justice Heron said the five victims had been deeply affected by the abuse. `With sensible parenting and other help they may be able to get on with their lives.”

Roche was first caught at age 13, abusing an eight year old relative. Was convicted in December 1996 in Wellington of sexually assaulting a boy under the age of 12 – and sentenced to 15 months – which was suspended for a period of 18 months, meaning that effectively he walked free! The victim’s horrified family set up a website on Tripod which has remained up until recently. Was jailed in March 2000 for two years after admitting five charges of indecent acts against young boys and offering cannabis oil. His latest offence was indecently assaulting a boy – for which he was not sentenced to preventive detention – but to only five years!”

Good luck with catching him with an under-resourced police force, subjected to years of budget freezes and cuts.

Maybe if they’d had a bit more cash they could have taken a more up-to-date mug shot?

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  1. It is amazing how you could have “highly regarded in the community” and “paying boys for sex” in the same sentence and have it be okay.

    • @freakinghateit: Yes, that amazed me too at first, the attitude that someone can be a freaking perverted creep and still be considered “a good bloke” and “a regular larrikin”. Every single time some monster kills his kids or partner there are 5 people who jump up and write an article about how “he was a great dad”. Yeah right.

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