Bexley Evacuated, Kaiapoi’s Homeless, Aftershock Destroys Buildings In Christchurch

Earlier today we wrote about the Christchurch suburb of Bexley, where up to 90% of houses in the flat area had been damaged in the quake, in one street every house (all of them less than 5 years old and presumably ‘built to code’) may have have to be demolished.

The NZ Herald has just published an alert saying that Bexley has been evacuated.

Soon after that reporters added that residents of the new sub-division had started to move out of their homes, probably for good:

“The subdivision made up of Seabreeze Close, Waireka Lane and Kokopu Lane, which contains around 60 homes was built over the last 5-10 years on reclaimed land and was hard hit by Saturday’s earthquake. Most homes and sections are now covered in deep layers of sandy silt and houses have lifted, cracked and sunk…”more here

It’s thought that 150 homes may be damaged and many of them are still moving, with cracks that are widening.

In another reminder that the effects of the initial quake are still very much in evidence a number of damaged buildings toppled today in another quake measuring 4.5. More here, causing people clearing up stock in damaged buildings to flee in panic and closed down  a local radio station.

Also on Stuff:

Kaiapoi – ‘What about us?‘ –

“…Resident Sherie Crew, who has lived in Kaiopoi her entire live, said the earthquake had destroyed much of the town. “The cracks on the other side of Kaiopoi are at least 10 ft deep and two feet wide, the swing bridge is just devastated, a lot of the buildings that we’ve had here for longer then me are going to be pulled down.

“Lots of iconic buildings are not going to be here any longer. “We’ve had earthquakes in the past but this is crazy, this is like something you’d see overseas, its not like anything I’ve ever seen here…”

According to a 3News report many people in Kaiapoi have been left homeless. People on one street feel that it had been singled out by the quake, which was probably on a fault line. Watch the video here.

New Zealand recently turned down assistance of aid from the UN and USA forces based in Hawaii, some people may be starting to wonder if the polite rebuff may have been premature as many residents in the affected area are only just starting to vacate their damaged homes and look for alternative accommodation. There are also some reports that civil defence and emergency services had yet to inspect, or attend to, some of the badly damaged areas outside of the city.

The Herald says that

According to GeoNet, there have been 18 significant aftershocks today, ranging in magnitude from 3.5 to 4.8. The latest, at 3.54pm, was a 3.7 magnitude shock centred at a focal depth of 20km depth which struck near 20km west of Christchurch.

A 3.5 magnitude slightly shallower shock centred in the same spot was felt at 12.18pm. The largest aftershock today was at 4.06am – a 4.8 magnitude, 10km deep quake centred 10km south of Coalgate, a town west of Darfield.


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  1. Thanks for the links, we’ve added the video of Kaiapoi. This village seems to have got forgotten about in the media coverage.

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