Police Go in Mob Handed to a 6 Year Old’s Birthday Party, Turns into Riot

partyYou won’t see the riot word mentioned in this Stuff.co.nz article but you may be left wondering whether New Zealand has completed its transformation into a police state when a six year old’s birthday party turns into a riot.

Note how the headline  makes the police to be the victims here, and how their report is used to structure the article.

Mob attacks police and dog in Christchurch

Eight people were arrested after police received several reports of fighting in the area, including reports of an axe being used, Inspector Derek Erasmus said.

“We responded to an address in Carnarvon St where there were approximately 20 people.

“Further police teams arrived to provide backup a short time later. During the response three police officers received head injuries and were taken to Christchurch Hospital.”

Erasmus said the officer who was knocked out regained consciousness while being treated by ambulance staff. He was taken to hospital for scans to asses the damage.

The other officers, one man and one woman, received head injuries and cuts and have been discharged from hospital.

Neighbour Todd Kennedy said there was a small gathering to celebrate a 6-year-old’s birthday at the rented address earlier in the day, with a bouncy castle set up in the backyard.

He went outside to investigate after hearing a burn out followed by the barking of police dogs outside his house.

There were four police cars at the scene before at least another 10 marked vehicles arrived, and a “stand-off” between about 20 young men and cops took place on the street, Kennedy said.

He said neighbours were shocked to witness a police officer pointing a Taser at the mob, including at children and a pregnant woman…He said at no point did he witness a person wielding an axe or any weapons

Neighbours told reporters the occupiers of the house had been as quiet as “church mice” since moving in.

NZ’s twitter community had this to say about the incident

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  1. It churns ones stomach, innit..?
    Another heroic effort by the belligerent compulsive punitive disorder brigade trying hard to add an other bar to the Gallipoli medal ribbon.
    Like dad use to say : Any thing in uniform has severe personality disorders, that’s why they take on the job in the first place……

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