Bikini Clad NZ Woman Punched Asian Driver in the Face in Road Rage Attack – Offered ‘Diversion’

A middle aged woman has been punched in the face by a woman wielding a massive screwdriver. The attack happened during a road rage incident in New Zealand’s North Island.

A screaming woman, demanded to know if the Asian driver had a NZ driving licence.

Clad only in a bikini she gesticulated wildly with the screwdriver, before punching the older woman with it still in her hand.

At that point her giggling companions in the car realised she’d gone too far and called for “Jess” to back off. After the video (below) went viral she handed herself into the police, her placid victim has yet to be found.

Update 28 Jan 2014

An 18 year old Hutt Valley woman has appeared in court charged in connection with the road rage incident. She’s been given name suppression until she appears in court again on 18 March. source

In the meantime, police have offered her diversion if she pleads guilty

 “If she completes diversion the charge will be withdrawn without resulting in a conviction on her list. To be eligible for diversion the offender has to admit guilt…

Her lawyer Marty Robinson opposed media taking pictures in court saying she had received death threats, been assaulted and had things thrown at her house after media picked up on the video.

She had lost two part time jobs and feared she would be unable to get others in the hospitality industry where she had worked.

He said it would cause her extreme hardship for more pictures to be out there. He also asked for name suppression…” source

As usual in New Zealand the story focuses on hard-done-by perpetrator and the damage to their life – not their victim’s.

How does the assaulted woman and her daughter feel about their attacker getting off, do they feel safe on the road?

Where are their victim impact statements?

What messages does ‘diversion’ send out to other road users who  think they have a right to assault anyone who inconveniences them?

Its a sad reflection of New Zealand’s culture of brutality if this young woman walks away from this without consequence.

6 thoughts on “Bikini Clad NZ Woman Punched Asian Driver in the Face in Road Rage Attack – Offered ‘Diversion’

  1. yea well she was always going to get off
    1. she’s white
    2. she’s blonde
    3. the other driver is Asian

  2. Kiwi women appear docile until you disagree with them or annoy them. In seconds they become aggressive and intimidating. Not very pleasant.

  3. not uncommon in NZ these days. Kiwi woman are incredibly violent these days, and when you stick them behind the wheel turn into fruit cakes! I cycle and nearly every time I get grief and deliberate act of aggression its nearly always a female driver, and its not confined to young but as likely as not a middle aged school run mum.

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