Marlborough Crime Hits 16 Year High, Double Dip Recession Tipped

Recently released police statistics show that crime in Marlborough has hit a 16 year high, with nearly 6000 offences reported last year. Most of the rise has been attributed to the ‘recession,’ according to the district’s acting area commander of police.

Fraud and deception increased 78.8 % to 245,  offences and assaults were up 14.3 % to 544 and drug-related offences increased 13.2 % to 615.

The fraud and deception figures are rather alarming given New Zealand’s questionable reputation as a country that supposed to be free of such things. This is yet another example of how the marketing and portrayal of the country are at odds with the cold, hard facts.

Word is that NZ may be headed for a double dip recession as recent figures showed that the economy contracted  during the last quarter after stalling in June:

…After contracting 4 per cent in the June Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion, firms’ experienced activity fell a further 15 per cent in the September survey.
Seasonally adjusted business confidence fell from a net 26 per cent of respondents positive in June to 9 per cent net pessimistic in September, the first such negative in a year…source

Hopes are being pinned on next year’s world cup to inject some much needed verve into the economy.

No doubt we shall now see a raft of good news stories, talking-up the economy to relieve the doom and gloom. But the reality is that NZ isn’t out of the woods and certain types of crime are likely to be on the  increase for some time yet.