13 Year Old Girl Shot in her Gisborne Home. Gun Crime out of Control in NZ?

There are 1.1 million guns in circulation in NZ and none of them are registered

There are 1.1 million firearms in circulation in NZ and none of them are registered

A 13 year old girl is in a serious condition this morning after she was shot in her Gisborne home last night. She is currently in intensive care following the shooting which occurred around 11.30pm in her Stevens Rd home in Pouawa.

Gisborne has a notorious reputation for being one of New Zealand’s gangland drug towns, there is a possibility that gang activity may be connected to this incident.

We wish the young woman a speedy and full recovery.

In another incident earlier this week two teenagers were shot and an elderly man suffered facial injuries in a home invasion in Thames.

73-year-old man and a 17-year-old young woman were at home in Thames when a flat-deck ute pulled up the drive around 7.30pm.

The man went outside to see who it was and was attacked by three men wearing balaclavas who took him back inside.

A short time later an 18-year-old friend arrived at the Parawai Rd house and he was also held at gunpoint by the men.

“At some point a shotgun has gone off inside the house and the intruders have fled the property,” Detective Sergeant Martyn Hughes said.

The young woman and her friend suffered shotgun wounds… more here

There are believed to be 1.1 million firearms in circulation in New Zealand, sufficient for 1 in 4 of the population.

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