NZ Police Can’t Protect the Sikh Student who Received Death Threats

Rajwinder Singh

Some of the comments made about Rajwinder Singh, click to watch video

Are you an international student thinking about studying in New Zealand because you’ve heard it’s a racially tolerant country?

Sikh student Rajwinder Singh, studying in Christchurch, received death threats after a picture of him was posted on social media calling him a “terrorist.” In essence he was labelled a terrorist for wearing a turban. You can imagine his shock when New Zealand police told him they couldn’t protect him. To add insult to injury Mr Singh was also falsely accused of sexual abuse by the Missing Persons Christchurch and Canterbury Facebook group on 29 January 2015 (for which they later apologised, but not before the damage had been done).

He became aware of the hate campaign against him after Facebook members stalked him to his workplace and his boss became aware of their activities.

Rajwinder Singh feared for his life after his photograph was posted online, without his knowledge, alongside false criminal accusations.
A vicious backlash followed as the photo was shared around, including threats of violence and publicly listing his workplace.

“Put a bat through his turban and smash his legs to a pulp,” one person said on social media.
Genuinely afraid, the 23-year-old went to the police only to be told nothing could be done because the comments were online and therefore “not public”.

ONE News contacted Canterbury police for comment but despite Mr Singh giving permission for his file to be made public, they refused an interview.

The police could not help Mr Singh because making death threats online is not a crime” … source

Out of respect for Mr Singh we’re not going to republish his image or copies of the hate directed against him. Instead we’re showing people the  ‘apology’ from the offending Facebook page.

New Zealand is such a great place to live and study, you think?!

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4 thoughts on “NZ Police Can’t Protect the Sikh Student who Received Death Threats

  1. Sikhs have a high representation in the Indian armed forces which is the 4th strongest in the world. They have big hearts but do not confuse that with cowardice. We are same people who overthrew the Britishers and fought wars with Pakistan/China.
    Personally I don’t see why you have developed attachment to this tiny Island whose people live in a colonial bubble. We have an economic growth rate of 8% which is expected to break into a two digit by the next financial year. Come back with your investment funds and educational degrees if these bigots do not change their ways. It will be an amusing situation for them. I hear they discriminate against the Chinese. Are they completely crazy?!??

  2. It is very cowardly to attack and malign the reputation of an international student who is alone on a foreign country.The most disgraceful part was that the police in Christchurch do not want to least contact those who were writing these verbally violent and racist comments about Rajwinder Singh on Facebook. The very least the police could do was to contact these racist and violent offenders and give them a stern final warning. The lady who made the false assault complaint against Rajwinder Singh needs to be fined and be made to do community service as a bare minimum. Anti – racism regulations are nanby pamby in NZ which only serves to encourage these types of despicable behaviour.. In addition, nanby pamby regulations against all types crime in NZ gives a perception that NZ is very lenient and has a very soft touch against crime. This encourages criminal activity resulting in so called “god zone” NZ being an unsafe and violent place for all.

    • International students, alone and under-represented, make for very good victims.
      As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure his “NZ ethnic representative” will be very careful about any talk of “justice for Rajwinder” …
      because they enjoy great benefits in being “yes-men” and accepting the idea that they should be “second-class citizens” in NZ.
      As people who look different, they are going to be put under great pressure to be a “model minority” and “not cause trouble” or “be uppity” …

  3. Typical of all of the Sikh men I have known facing injustice and ignorance such as this, Rajwinder Singh (although still very young) has dealt with a horrendous situation with both dignity and poise. He is a real credit to his country and his culture. According to the news report Rajwinder is not angry, he is saying he just wants people to understand his culture. This is a real problem in countries such as the UK and New Zealand where racism and bigotry are becoming ever more common due to the fear that people have of the Islamic religion and terrorism. Because of this they generalise and automatically reject all cultures from the Indian subcontinent, even though they have no understanding of what they really are about. Hopefully the mature way in which people such as Rajwinder react in the face of such hostility will help to enlighten people as to the true nature of the Sikh religion and culture. They are a people for which I have the greatest respect.

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