Another Day Another Murder in Auckland, Man Stabbed in Car as he Ate Takeaway with Partner

Update 12.30pm: Police have named the deceased man as 35 year old Davender Singh who stopped with his partner to eat  a takeaway in his car on his way home from work at 8pm yesterday. He had been stabbed multiple times and there were signs of a violent struggle in the vehicle. His partner is being treated for emotional trauma. The Waka Pacific bus depot (8 Norman Spencer Drive) has been cordoned off and forms part of the crime scene.

Police are launching a murder investigation after a man’s body was recovered from a car in Papatoetoe, South Auckland last night. He had sustained a number of injuries.

The man’s ethnicity has not been released but we suspect he was a migrant and that other details about the incident are being held back so as not to alarm residents.

“Detective Inspector Dave Lynch said police were called to Norman Spencer Drive about 7.45pm last night where the man’s body was found in a parked vehicle.

It’s believed the man’s partner witnessed the events leading up to the attack and this morning a police spokeswoman said she’d been hospitalised overnight.

She declined to say why but said more information would be made later this morning..

…Yogesh Singh, the director of nearby Rugs R Us, says he was blown away to arrive at work and hear the news. “It definitely concerns us.” source

But here’s the thing, the murder was similar to another one on the next street in 2009.

“Neighbours living just a few houses down said they were concerned for the safety of their young children.

One woman, who did not want to be named, said the case bore chilling similarities to another just a few years back, when a man was murdered at his home on Leith Ct less than 100 metres away.

“It was the same. His body was found in his car as well. He’d been there for two or three days and no one noticed,” she said…” source

In the previous murder Thuong Si Nguyen’s stabbed body was found on the back seat of his car in Leith Court, Papatoetoe. Nunchaku, knives and a machete were used in the attack that killed him in August 2009.

Then in 2013 Shalvin Prassad‘s burned body was discovered in his car days after he was murdered in the south Auckland suburb of Kingseat.

No wonder neighbours are worried. Many of them are probably migrants who came to New Zealand looking for a safer life for their families.

Our thoughts and sincere condolences are extended to the family and friends of the deceased.

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