West Auckland. New Zealand’s Unsafe Streets

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NZ is not as safe and peaceful as you’d think

Connor Morris’s death was the sixth violent death in West Auckland in the last two months. The area where Connor was killed has had 3 similar incidents in that time, despite its proximity to the police station headquarters.

There is the talk that the massive brawl Connor was involved in on Don Buck Road went on for some time, and that police took too long to quell the situation. Residents were told not to assist as it was “too dangerous.” Others refused to talk to the press about what went on.

The morning after Connor died and other people were injured police kept an armed vigil at the site. There are fears that trouble will escalate further because Connor had strong links to the Head Hunters motorcycle club. There is talk that he and his friends wandered through ‘enemy territory’ on their way to buy smokes from a local service station. Baseball bats and machetes were used in the resulting fight. Connor died from a machete blow to the back of his head, a community mourns deeply. His loss most keenly felt by his Millie Elder-Holmes, his long term partner.

This is what it’s like to live in West Auckland these days, this was published on the Trademe forum, you won’t see words like these being used in New Zealand’s mainstream media where police are keen to speak of their increasing effectiveness in the area.

What people are saying about West Auckland.

What people are saying about West Auckland.

Other recent deaths in West Auckland

Arun Kumar was knifed in his shop, a 13 year old boy has been charged with murder, a 12 year old with manslaughter.

Farhat Rana Malik and her daughter, Sidra Noor Malik were stabbed in Ranui

Josh Roach was shot dead outside his home in Luanda Drive, Ranui. Another man was also injured in the incident.

A man was died in his home on Makora Rd. His wife was injured in the incident.


Violent New Zealand. A Rash of Stabbing Incidents Including a Machete Attack Breaks Out and News Becomes Sanitized 

Dairy stabbing, 12 year old in court

A 12-year-old will stay in Child Youth and Family custody ahead of his trial for the manslaughter of a West Auckland dairy. (sic)

Arun Kumar, 57, was killed last month at his Henderson dairy in front of his wife…

The boy will face trial in November alongside his 13-year-old co-accused, who is charged with murder.