Singaporean Tourist Family Held Up in Armed Robbery in Levin


Singapore, streets ahead of Levin


Singaporean citizens, used to living in a society with a low crime rate, are again advised to be on their guard while vacationing in New Zealand.

A Singaporean family has been left traumatized after being confronted by a man wielding a broken bottle in the small township of Levin.

The parents and their two young children were

confronted by a man carrying a broken bottle shortly after they parked their campervan outside the (Countdown) supermarket about 3pm on Thursday.

The family of tourists, from Singapore, had stopped in Levin as part of a tour the country…

The man demanded money, and fearing for their safety, the couple handed over some of their belongings.

A 26-year-old Levin man, and a 19-year-old Waikanae woman were arrested in Picton about 4am on Friday in relation to the incident, and are facing charges including aggravated robbery. source

Countdown, Levin (Google Street View)

Unfortunately, foreign tourists are seen as easy and wealthy targets by New Zealand’s criminal community. Attacks such as these are not that uncommon and are partly due to New Zealand’s rate of drug use, poverty and very high regional unemployment.

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4 thoughts on “Singaporean Tourist Family Held Up in Armed Robbery in Levin

  1. That’s going to put a damper on their “we need Singaporeans to help New Zealand” drive
    (The “skills shortage” should be read as “shortage of skilled workers to be paid peanuts or mislead about responsibilities of the position”)
    As an aside, it’s interesting how they make no mention about international students beginning and completing their studies in New Zealand … being unable to find commensurate work (even before the Global Financial Crisis) …

  2. My story is even sadder. We were robbed by our tour guide at the end of holiday.

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