Gas Canisters Thrown in Armed Siege, Just Another Day in ‘Peaceful’ New Zealand as Gun Crime Becomes the Norm

Another day, another armed seige in NZ

Another day, another armed siege in ‘peaceful’ New Zealand

Police have sieged a Porirua home in which an armed offender has taken refuge.

Update: 6 pm NZ time: The suspected shooter has been found dead at the scene. source

The stand-off started around 10am Friday. Police sealed off a house in Kokiri Crescent and evacuated the street after they tried to make an arrest yesterday.

The offender, Pita Rangi Tekira, has breached bail conditions (something that happens a lot in NZ). When police tried to take him into custody he pulled a gun on them and fired. He killed a police dog, and an officer was injured as he tried to jump from a second storey window in fear for his life. The officer is now in a stable condition in hospital.

Tekira is facing charges of dishonesty, driving and violent offending and had removed an electronic monitoring bracelet earlier this month, source.

Junior Neligi, who was at a house nearby, said he heard dogs barking, before police told him to lock himself inside and let no one out. He said there were about 20 police officers still on the street and the road remained blocked.

Another witness, Douglas Hall, said nearby Westmeath Street had also been cordoned off. He said he saw six or seven police officers with vests and guns, and people had been asked to leave the area. source

Residents later reported hearing a series of loud bangs, police say they fired gas canisters into a house where they think Tekira has taken refuge.

There are believed to be in excess of 1.1 million firearms in New Zealand, none of which have to be licensed or registered with the police.

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