“New Zealand Police Don’t Need Evidence!” – YouTube

Planning to visit New Zealand on vacation? take care you don’t upset a local and fall foul of the country’s peculiar legal system.

In New Zealand police don’t need anything more than verbal evidence in order to fine drivers for alleged unsafe driving, they can take the word of a witness as proof. But when the word of a ‘local person’ is pitched against that of an overseas tourist guess who the police are more likely to believe?

In New Zealand, according to the police officer in the clip above, if someone is prepared to stand in court and give evidence against you that is sufficient for you to be guilty of an offence and liable for a fine. The burden of ‘proof beyond all reasonable doubt’ seems to have been replaced by ‘guilty on the balance of probabilities which is odd for a statutory offence.

New Zealand Police don’t need evidence, in order to fine drivers for alleged unsafe driving, they do not even need to witness the alleged incident themselves. Also of note is that crossing broken yellow lines is not even an offence! Clearly being foreign is an offence!
Strange that when I give the Police video evidence of dangerous driving they fail to act, yet when a woman tells a cop that a foreigner is driving dangerously that is enough to fine the driver! racist, stupid?……WHO KNOWS? source

What a pity the same burden of legal proof isn’t applied to alleged sex offenses in New Zealand. Then maybe young women who accuse ‘prominent New Zealanders’ or ‘roastbusting teens’ of sexual harassment wouldn’t get called liars, slut shamed or ignored.



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  1. Credit to the Northland police today ,they quickly tracked down two idiots for attacking and robbing French tourists ,one of the assailants was armed with a hammer ,coupled with the strong arm robbery this should see the perpetrators locked away for at least 5 years each but I know it will result in nothing more than a sentence of home detention after the pricks tell the judge how they are victims of broken homes blah blah blah .

  2. The dishonesty is right throughout the entire society.Last summer I drove my van through the South Island ,6.00 am in Nelson ,main st ,I got a flat tire.No problem ,I went to lower the spare wheel under the vehicle and found the mechanism was jammed.No problem because I had seen the commercials on T.V for A.A roadside assistance ,the one where the wholesome looking dude in the clean white shirt changes your tire while you sit in the car then he flashes a big wide sparkly tooth smile at you as you drive off on your merry way.Of course I purchased this service for my road trip.
    The reality was somewhat different,I retrieved my AA card and called the 0800 number on the back and reported the problem.The operator asked me why the tire had gone flat and I responded that it was flat because the air had leaked out of it ! The operator asked me to look for any obvious objects protruding from the tire and I obediently checked while maintaining contact on my cell phone.I noticed a piece of reinforcing steel protruding through the concrete curb and into the gutter where my wheels were.I offered this information to the operator.Ahh she said,well that’s an accident then and you’ll have to go through your regular vehicle insurance policy.I explained that the wheel holder was not operating ,ahhh she said well that’s a maintenance item and that’s also not covered .I explained that to go through my vehicle insurance which was also with AA would cost me $300 excess /deductable,I also explained that my home and contents were also insured with AA and this was a bad example of customer loyalty,a ahhh yeah nah she said they’re different departements mate ,loike different companies but with the same name ?? Is there anything else I can help you with? Yeah you can fu$@k off and die you …..
    Anyway long and short of it ,this well known N.Z company obviously has a habit of selling service plans and not honouring them ,nobody viewed my vehicle it was all done by phone with the obvious goal of slithering out of providing the help I had paid for ,just another Kiwi scam.
    I was eventually able to free the spare and change the tire after rolling around in the oil under the car and sacrificing some knuckle skin,I decided not to renew my AA roadside assistance and have changed insurance carriers for my home and vehicle,just in case they are in fact connected !

  3. …and, the usual pathetic,condecending commentary by the narrator and presenters of the ‘show’ and ‘entertainment’ which is typical of such ‘realty’ tv programmes. ( I an a natural born New Zealander – but ,nonetheless,t his kind of commentary is sickening. It is the knid of commentary one may tolerate from a child without much intelligence. Unfortuanately, it is a common style of commentary . It is a type of propaganda.) More importantly, was the action – in issuing the fine – legal? Did I recognise the voice as being Peter Williams, a presenter of TV ONE news, the same Peter Williams whom colludes in the insults fired by broadcaster Paul Henry against Henry’s targets? And Henry is a racist, yet Williams continued to work with him by presenting the news on nationwide televison.TONY ALLEN

  4. Thanks for sharing this. The video shows the arbitrary nature of the New Zealand (in)justice system and the discrimination faced by foreigners in New Zealand. During my own dealings with the rapscallion muppets in the New Zealand injustice system, I recall witnessing individuals who invented procedures and law to achieve the outcome they wanted despite it contradicting established procedures.

    Anyone wanting to move to New Zealand because of its reputed transparency would be well served to read the Lauda Finem or Kiwis First blog.

  5. And they want to be allowed to carry sidearms lol I don’t think so.This guy is already judge ,jury and revenue collector ,if he had a gun he’d be judge ,jury and excecutioner.

  6. Obviously the guy was guilty because the nice local lady with the big breasts said he did it,the cop seemed so impressed with her that he could hardly thank her enough for being the eyes and ears of the police ,he almost thanked her for having a nice rack.

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