Is Gun Crime out of Control in NZ? 4 Police Officers Gunned Down in Kawerau

New Zealand police have tweeted that four of their officers have been shot at a property on Onepu Spring Road, Kawerau, Bay of Plenty. Police held a media stand-up to brief the public on developments, saying the “crisis situation” is on-going.

Armed seige

At least one offender is believed to be holed up in a premises. One officer is in hospital with serious injuries. At least two injured officers, aged 43 and 38, are in a stable conditions at Whakatane Hospital. All of the officers were members of the police tactical crime fighting organisation  – the Armed Offenders Squad.

WINZ shooter found guilty: “Socially isolated murderer”

In other gun related news today, Russell Tully was found guilty for the shooting murders of two female staff at the Ashburton WINZ offices last year.

5 thoughts on “Is Gun Crime out of Control in NZ? 4 Police Officers Gunned Down in Kawerau

  1. So you suppose all the criminal users will just simply hand in or register their firearms when instructed to do so by Government edict?
    They are criminals – they do illegal things by definition and only law abiding users would comply with more ‘control’ measures .

    Instead introduce harsh and mandatory penalties for illegal posession and criminal use of firearms and target the offenders not the abiders. Registration would by now be nearly impossible to implement and, once again, would only create extra workload for Poilce and would also only capture law abiding users.

    Gun crime is much more prevalent here in Australia where the net effect of disarmament has been to punish law abiding users and has done nothing at all to curtail gun use by and their availability to the determined criminal element.

    And here it seems , as in NZ, an otherwise law abiding citizen is likely to receive a harsher penalty for illegal possession of a firearm than a career criminal might expect. There seems to be this mindset that the poor crook really does not know better and should be rehabilitated whereas Joe citizen does and should suffer the consequences.

    • DaveJ

      Australians haven’t been disarmed, the effect of the legislation was to eliminate semi-automatic and pump action weapons with the ultimate purpose of reducing the risk of similar massacres that still regularly occur in the US. It appears to have been successful.

      Of course criminals will acquire firearms illegally, they’re criminals, however that’s a different problem entirely.

      I’m a former firearm owner btw, they were tools of trade on the farm.

  2. N.Z is not a country which allows firearms for home or self defence,I don’t believe there is a problem with gun control in N.Z ,social problems yes .Its a world where most anyone can obtain a firearm anywhere in the world and on short notice,there are apps available to print a firearm on a 3d printer ,the problem is not the availability of guns but people who have lost their boundaries and will attack with a weapon of any kind ,it’s easy to buy a crossbow or knife which is equally efficient at killing a person.

    • mcleodkiwitony

      I don’t agree, there is a problem with gun control in NZ. Which is more dangerous, a crossbow, a knife or a semi-automatic weapon? The problem with NZ is that, like the US, and unlike Australia, there’s apparently no political will to tackle the problem.

  3. A woman was shot dead near Dunedin this week and there have been other incidents around the country. What is really striking is that many of us like to think we are in a safe place, whereas there are many people who must be at absolute breaking point everyday and this explodes into violence.

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