Electoral Fraud Possibly Exposed in the New Zealand Flag Referendum, and Spying on New Zealanders


electoral fraudThe Electoral Commission is investigating claims an Auckland man stole hundreds of flag voting papers and voted in favour of the new design. Several people alerted the commission to the comment he made on a Facebook page (above) five days ago. Source Radio NZ

Public opinion is massively against changing the current New Zealand flag. The alternative design is deeply unpopular with New Zealanders who think it is poorly designed and a waste of public money. For some time suspicions have been circulating that the ballot will be rigged to avoid embarrassment to the current government who are deeply invested in the flag change project.

vote rigging nz flag referendum

Flag referendum voting paper

Questions are being asked as to how the man obtained the voting papers and if they were taken from residents’ mail boxes without their consent.

Spying on private citizens

Meanwhile, in other news a report commissioned by the New Zealand government  on spy agencies recommends the GCSB be given access to New Zealanders’ private communications.

4 thoughts on “Electoral Fraud Possibly Exposed in the New Zealand Flag Referendum, and Spying on New Zealanders

  1. The truly sick thing about the New Zealand government wanting to get even more access to what people are doing online, is that it isn’t the criminals that are going to suffer here; it will be the largely uniformed New Zealand public, who is not familiar with how to protect themselves against government snooping.

    About 95% of what is available online is not publicly available or accessible through search engines. This is the Deep Web. Here is where things such as partially constructed sites, data that is connected to websites, user login lists and other information is stored that is connected to the more visible side of the internet. This is also where criminals operate, in a part of the Deep Web known as the Darknet. This is only accessible through encrypted browsers such as the TOR browser, and the sites are not listed in any way. Sites like this are very hard to detect, and everything is heavily encrypted. According to information available this is where criminals such as drug dealers, professional hit men, and paedophile rings operate. THIS is what the government should be targeting.

    By targeting the visible side of the internet, the message is very clear that they are more interested in collecting information on everyday (non-savy) computer users, than dealing with criminals.

    For those who are concerned about privacy, the installation of a VPN, will COMPLETELY remove all abilities for the government to see what you are doing online (it will also hide your IP address). A VPN encrypts your internet traffic going from and too your computer, routing it through an external site, making it impossible for governments to read. There are many free VPNs available: some as browser extensions, others are available that use the inbuilt features of operating systems, or for a yearly charge it is possible to protect an entire computer (and your cellphones as well) through dedicated software (the best option). A VPN is now becoming an essential part of using the internet and is highly recommended for everyone.

    • I have the advantage of being able to read several languages. Exactly the same is happening in the USA, the rules are to be changed, but they will not even let us know how. Several USA controlled countries are at the same time changing the rules this way. All members of the US hegemony. This is a USA driven step to tighten its control of the world. It is much like the actions of the Third Reich in the 30-s. US quest for world dominance was openly declared already 1992 (Pentagon Defense Planning Guidance (DPG), Paul Wolfowitz) and later Dick Cheney, US was to govern the world. War actions as in Iraq, Afghanistan, “Arab Spring”, drones, torture, USA proxy terrorism, economic control (financing of terrorism, money laundering) and “agreements” as NATO, ANZUS, TPP, TPPA, coupled with intensive propaganda against those who refuse to be compliant, as Russia or China. What we observing is the “Third Reich” reborn, one step at a time, the “boiling frog” syndrome.

  2. Germany 1933 – again GCSB, the new STASI or GESTAPO????? Maybe, can we find out or is it Germany 1933 – again. Lest we forget, in 1933 the Germans gave the very popular German government the same trust, they would be able to spy o the “enemies of the state”. The media was controlled and guided by the government. So was all the safety mechanism that should protect the people. We know how that went. Now the same are happening in New Zealand, the government wants the “trust” of the people to spy. Safety mechanisms are rigged. Of safety reasons it is all done invisibly for the public. We know for sure that the teorists and criminals soon learn to use the same methods. Besides, we also know the system is there to spy for file sharing, pirating, and everything the government wants to control, lest we forget? People seems to have forgotten. What is the media doing, or is it like in Germany guided and controlled by the same forces.

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