French Au Pair Manon Pache Locked Up, Deported While on Holiday in NZ

Manon Pache

Thinking of visiting New Zealand as an au pair, or sending your daughter there to get some overseas experience? Think again, au pairs on holiday in New Zealand risk spending the night in the cell and getting deported.

In what appears to be backlash against the recent deportation of New Zealand persona-non-grata from Australia …

An Australian couple are “horrified and disgusted” their 18-year-old French au pair was locked in a police cell overnight and then deported by immigration officials at Queenstown Airport who were concerned she might babysit the couple’s children.

Au pair Manon Pache flew to New Zealand for a one-week visit in December with her employers Pip and Paul Johnston, their two children, aged two and four, and Mr Johnston’s parents.

Dr Pip Johnston, a veterinarian in Tenterfield, New South Wales, told the Otago Daily Times last week the arrangement with Ms Pache was she would not be paid during their stay in Wanaka and she would not be expected to work.

However, immigration officials noted the Johnstons were paying Ms Pache’s travel and accommodation, and Ms Pache admitted during an interview she would undertake childminding, although she also maintained she would not be paid. After being interviewed, Ms Pache was put in a cell in Queenstown for the night and deported to Australia the next day…

Dr Johnston said the incident “really put the wind up” Ms Pache who had been working for them for four months. “You’ve got a young kid going to a foreign country … she was absolutely terrified.” Ms Pache is now back in France…” read the full story here

The Johnston family and Ms Pache appear to have got caught up in political cross fire currently going on between Australia and New Zealand. The current stoush started last year after Australia began cancelling the visas of New Zealand residents in Australia who had criminal convictions, belonged to motorcycle gangs or had child sex offences.

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  1. I seriously believe that a trash comment area would be a good idea,if people could read the predicatable replies from angry idiot N.Zers it would reinforce the stories and comments that people submit here

  2. I think there should be a trash bin on this site so that the brave hearted could go see what a cowardly person like Shan really said ,it certainly wouldn’t bother me to have negative feedback ,I live in N.Z therefore I am subject to irrational and uncalled for negativity on a daily basis.

    • irrational and uncalled for negativity on a daily basis.

      LOL Even when presented with better options [that are criticized], the same moronic methods are drug out over and over.

  3. All his happened on a day a kiwi was convicted on the Sunshine Coast for a coward punch killing.
    8 years he got. We hope he gets sent back to the Immigration officer who put this young girl in jail!!

  4. WTF. Why can’t they treat Europeans with the decent respect they deserve. For***** sake NZ was born out of Europe !!! Have met so many children here from European immigrants that made their fortune in NZ or at least having an high respected job in society… these people deserve an chance. I’ll tell you a little secret though.. I was in the same situation although I wasn’t locked up in an cell. I figured these people could indeed become an problem so we left the family just before the real trouble could start.. yet we were at least ten years older that that girl. You don’t think of that stuff on that age ! That is the agency’s job. POOR GIRL ANOTHER EUROPEAN TRAUMATISED FOR LIFE. HOW MANY MORE ?!

  5. Well, if this incident is a result of “political cross fire”, scapegoating a citizen of another country is remarkably inept. The only result will be negative publicity for NZ in France and it won’t make the slightest difference to Australian policy.

    Congratulations NZ, brilliant ‘own goal’.

  6. This is so sad. Au Pairs have helped so many Australian Families get back to work. I”ve advised all the Australians I know with Au Pairs under no circumstances travel to NZ. Meanwhile today in Queensland another kiwi has been convicted over a coward’s punch on the Sunshine Coast. We look forward to deporting him back to NZ.

  7. The nasty deranged thought police got her,no doubt she was much better looking than anyone on the N.Z immigration staff,she might look after some wealthy persons children while he spent money in N.Z ,lock that girl up .

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