Woman Attacked on Rangiwaea Island, Police Yet to Make Arrest

Rangiwaea Island

Rangiwaea Island may not be a safe place for women

Another woman has been seriously assaulted in New Zealand. This time on the small island of Rangiwaea in Tauranga Harbour last Sunday. The 38 year old local woman  sustained serious shoulder injuries in the assault and had to be airlifted to hospital.

Police said her injuries were not life-threatening. They had not yet made an arrest, and were still working to identify the alleged offender, police northern communications Inspector Peter Raynes said.

Rangiwaea Island has just a small number of residents: the 2013 census put the combined population of Rangiwaea and neighbouring Matakana Island at 255.

The assault occurred three days before a 50 year old woman died after she escaped an attempted abduction in Auckland. Jindarat Prutsiriporn, who was bound and gagged, managed to escape from the boot of a moving car on Huia Road at around 7 pm on 2 March but died later in hospital from her injuries. Police are currently conducting a murder investigation and have yet to make any arrests.


8 thoughts on “Woman Attacked on Rangiwaea Island, Police Yet to Make Arrest

  1. Who came up with the “Rangiwaea Island may not be a safe place for women” subtitle? Having spent every summer there since I was 6 months old, I can assure you that it is a safe place for anyone to visit. It’s actually offensive to see a comment like that made without any actual experience at the island yourself. Ahh, people make me laugh 😂😂

    • [Deleted, because of the ad hom attack in your closing sentence. Its against the comments guidelines that you agreed to follow. You’re not welcome here. Admin]

  2. The news media need to serve its original function to expose facts that are surrounding us, instead of letting the politicians covering up the dangers or potential dangers that are facing the general public and law-abiding residents.Through concerted efffort then can we produce some honest law enforcement personnel that are hardworking in compiling vital statistics which should include the taboo racial and religious groups, genders, violent gays or indians, immigrants, original ethnic groups & citizenship etc, so we could pin-point and understand those problem areas, and thus generate effective solutions to address those issues.

    We should encourage those politicians or lawyers defending those hardcore criminals or senior government servants NOT to sit in their offices very lazy for more than 2 hours per day, bring their kids and love ones and step out to those high-crime areas and let them observe & experience themselves.

  3. What are the assault stats for New Zealand? Can I easily access those? Just wondering. Are they low balled?

    • There was something in the media a while ago. NZ came fifth highest in the OECD for violent assaults. I think all the other major English speaking countries were up there as well. The curious thing about those other countries is that they have big densely populated cities and crime correlates to that. NZ should be the opposite really but whatever drives violence here who knows. Also if you start to follow things carefully here you will notice that there are lots of examples of people not being charged with assault, manslaughter charged as assault and murder charged as manslaughter. Judges have said in the media recently that they are being put under pressure by the Government to down play things. The Police are put under pressure to turn a blind eye. I am no expert but a couple of years ago it was major news that NZ had the 2nd highest pro rata prison population in the world and growing. This isn’t a good look but I think rather than trying to tackle the root causes of crime there has been more emphasis on brushing things under the carpet.

      I also make a point on another matter. The amount of Tourists going home in body bags. Every day there are deaths. Try going on an NZ News website and raise concerns on this and see how much hate you get coming back at you. Why can’t we debate issues without it turning into parochial mud slinging.

      • Years ago, I asked a question about the New Zealand lifestyle on NZ Yahoo Answers, and received 1 answer. Just one. Back before Yahoo Answers became unbearable, and mainly a place for trolls, you could ask a question on Australia Yahoo Answers, and get a range of answers. I always loved reading what the Australians had to say. I guess that NZ Answers was not a place to ask a question at all. So that one young man got best answer. I had no one else to choose from. Is it true, then , that many New Zealanders, “keep themselves to themselves”? Are just a bit aloof? Thank you again for putting up with my questions, I love this blog.

    • They are manipulated and swept under the mat ,just don’t go out after dark ,don’t go camping ,don’t speak with an accent ,don’t go to any provincial town and you’ll be fine

      • Well, that would leave me hanging around Auckland, and I cannot afford that city. And I am way too “chicken” to jump off of that tower. I do not trust any “chord”, anyplace. Hope that all of you are well.

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