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This section contains pages relating to Quality of life in New Zealand and the everyday issues and events that NZ residents and visitors to the country have to live with.

Topics covered in these sub-pages will include the quality of  living environments,  armed police activities in suburban areas, how visitors to the country are treated and information about what  ‘NZ lifestyle’ is really about.

None of these pages are static and they are updated as fresh material is found:

NZ High Winter Death Rate and Burning Wood to Keep Warm

Leaky Homes Issues and Stitched up Migrants

The Abuse of International Students

Armed Offenders Squad & Armed Police Incidents

New Zealand, Where Pit Bulls Roam Free

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  1. Life is not about boozing until you die – unless you are a Kiwi kid in New Zealand. The kiwi binge drinking culture and in particular, youth and child drinking culture is all but ignored as teens die full of booze! Normal life in NZ revolves around a skinful and unfortunately, everyone who comes here will have their kids exposed to it. Never mind; there’s always the great kiwi fall-back – denial! You have been warned!

  2. Here’s a dose of everyday life in New Zealand for you. As you will have read elsewhere on this incredibly honest site, hoons, vandals and violence are a huge problem in New Zealand which affects almost everyone. Damage and hoons are common where I live but I have to accept it because the police are powerless to deal with it. Here’s another example of this common behaviour. Anyone thinking New Zealand is a clean, green and safe place should think again and click the link below.

  3. The Christchurch Earthquakes are a real and ongoing risk to life and property in everyday life here in the city that shakes! I live right near the epicentre of the latest series of quakes and I can tell you, even though I lived through the quakes, right from the beginning of the first series in 2010, it was a shock! I watched, unable to move because of the intensity of the ground movement, as my 80 year old mother was thrown to the ground and rocked around among the thrashing trees and visibly moving buildings, trying to get her balance. She is ok. It never gets any easier though. I wrote a piece for a newspaper about my experience with the original massive and destructive quake in 2011 and this was quite similar. The only difference is that most of the weak buildings and infrastructure have already been destroyed. I still live in Christchurch and will continue to do so. Just so you know, if planning to live here, you have to take the quakes into consideration because they are going to be a continual part of your life.

  4. I have to say i feel so sorry for this man and his family. Like so many before him he came to New Zealand to work and was told New Zealand would be disadvantaged without him – well, it seems they don’t really care and have no interest in the biggest and brightest star. Yes, he is just another of New Zealand’s tall poppies about to be tossed out. He was the recipient of the 2014 New Zealand Mathematical Society Research Award and a Marsden grant of $580,000 for his work in mathematics. In a letter of support, Auckland University said it and the country would be disadvantaged without him. He has said “Immigration is telling us: ‘You are not welcome to live here because you have a disabled child’.” He has a disabled child. It seems New Zealand has no interest in you if you have a disabled child. The family have decided not to appeal the decision and will leave for Belgium in June. “Once I saw that Immigration New Zealand had decided it is above the UN convention of human rights, it is difficult for me to decide to raise my children here. For me the New Zealand story ends.”
    Think very carefully before coming to New Zealand. Should you have a disabled child as an immigrant, you will be booted out. Shame on New Zealand!

    • Throwing the baby out with the bath water.
      Short term vision is common. They DO NOT seem to be interested in any sort of structural improvement.
      Regardless of the person’s qualifications, they’d rather do without.

    • I will respectfully have to disagree with you on this one. Eugenics would be an enormous benefit to New Zealand, but I think the place is so full of undesirable dimwits and feeble-minded dullards that it lacks the base of quality people from which a eugenics programme might work.

      In any event, I think the decision is extremely cruel and short sighted. Perhaps the professor would have had a better chance remaining if he were a rugby player rather than a mathematician. Maybe having to leave the intellectual desert of New Zealand will prove beneficial for him in and his family in the end.

  5. Yep, kiwis are super friendly to tourists. Kiwis love to follow you as you drive along the road minding your own business, then push your vehicle off the road and take your keys. This happens a lot in New Zealand and and often, the poor tourist has absolutely no idea why they are being harassed. Just don’t but surprised when it happens to you in the middle of nowhere. Redneck Kiwis = judge, jury and executioner!–police

  6. Violence, as serious as it is in New Zealand is almost universally seen here as a way to solve just about everything. A group of friend who were walking home last night after a night out were verbally abused by a man in Christchurch. Instead of just brushing it off and moving on, one of the group has decided to start a fight with the man abusing them. The fight has ended up in yet another killing in New Zealand. There are now several every week where both men and women are killed. Violence is prevalent here but you have to get used to it if you wish to live in “Friendly, Safe” New Zealand!

  7. There are many attempts to take children away as they walk to school, or play in a ply park on their own, As if it couldn’t get any worse here in the “safe” New Zealand, today, a little 5 year old girl was snatched while walking to school in child friendly New Zealand. There’s not much of a write up because these attempted abductions are relatively common here and it would not do for New Zealands friendly, safe image to be tainted. In this case, the man who took the child, for some reason dumped her on a road somewhere in the hick, inbred town of Palmerston North.

  8. Kids in poor schools, and let’s be honest, poor schools are everywhere in New Zealand, are not being taught to swim at school pools or local pools because they can’t afford swim suits. That decidedly divides the haves from the have-nots in New Zealand, right from the start. Schools and child care groups are now in the public begging list which pleads for things such as food, clothing, shoes for the more than 300,000 deprived children in New Zealand. Do you really want your kids exposed to this? 300,000 kids is almost 9% of the countrys entire population! Shame!

  9. So you’ve head that kiwis in small town New Zealand are nice and will do anything for you. In Hamilton, people have forced a business to close for reasons you would never expect, coming from another country, but common here. The owner said “It was just very intimidating and a lot of unsavory people. Many of our customers told us they didn’t like the feel of Garden Place,” This was after the business, a popular cake shop was targeted repeatedly by out of control youths in the form of taggers, and vomit was left on the doorstep. Who needs that in a cake store! Unfortunately, this is common in New Zealand.

  10. All through here I see people mentioning the negativity of people who live in New Zealand. It’s born into native kiwis and can quickly become part of the nature of those who come here to live. It is often depressing and is always spite or jealousy motivated. Here’s a case in point. At present, kiwis are crowd funding to buy a beach for the public of New Zealand. Even though they have raised $2million to place a tender, along comes another kiwi and splashes reasons why it won’t work across the front page of the country’s largest newspaper. It’s important to note that the man putting this down is a very rich kiwi who offered to put money in, but only if he could have private access to a portion of this beach. This is why New Zealand is such a poisoned place for hope.

  11. Political interference has reader it’s ugly head again, bringing into question the motives of the government in NZ where it comes to matters of policy interference and those who try to expose horrible failures, ultimately affecting the population. Winston Peters, the MP for the effected area had attempted to ride a school bus to see for himself how bad it was for school kids, who were constantly exposed to dust. He was booted off the bus, seemingly at the behest of the NZ minister of education – extraordinarily, it appears there was, in the words of MP Mr Peters, “The incident raised questions about potential “interference” at high levels of power, and Education Minister Hekia Parata needed to provide answers about the “appalling and disgraceful decision-making.”
    Is this the reason NZ is slipping down in the corruption index?

  12. Anyone who has moved to New Zealand from any country where they don’t keep their cops under control should know this. In New Zealand annually, there are more than 2,500 complaints against Police here. Obviously, they can’t all be false complaints but they all do need to be investigated to stop the spread of police control and bullying of the population. New Zealand has a Police Complaints organisation which was set up to be independent from the police. Unfortunately, it is poorly funded and can now not investigate all complaints against police. Considering that the police are often accused of violence, rape, corruption, all the complaints must be checked. If you live in New Zealand, you now have to consider why this has been allowed to happen and why the government has no intention of upping funding to ensure proper investigations. New Zealand has slipped down the least corrupt county table this year. This sort of thing is what causes that. Can New Zealanders now trust the police?

  13. It’s been a well documented fact in New Zealand for years now that dog attacks have been accelerating in frequency and severity. The reality now is that dog attacks have become a part of everyday life in New Zealand now and mostly due to government inaction on dangerous breeds. In the latest dog attack, a man was attacked by a dog which targeted him as he sat in his car. Jumping through the cars window, the animal caused serious injury. Just another factor in the growing danger which has become the New Zealand way of life!

  14. What more can I say? New Zealanders who used to have a home and job are now, although still working, forced to live in cars, leaky and draughty garages, under bridges or whatever. Sadly, New Zealand has so much poverty and inequality, and so many people denying it exists that home, for many, many kids is a car, with their mother! New Zealand used to have the middle class which became the working poor. Now, the working poor are actually the working homeless and there is so little money spread around, that most people living here are never further away from homelessness than one financial emergency!'s-home-is-a-car

  15. It’s always hard to comment on something like this, but when it’s as prevalent as it is in New Zealand, you have to wonder how morally safe your child is at any kiwi school. In perspective, New Zealand has a tiny population on world standards, but this happens several times weekly and usually is kept quiet. In this case, it comes after the eventual dismissal of a convicted sex offender who was still driving school busses after being charged, which makes this whole issue the more serious as NZ doesn’t seem to want to tackle it head on. So it’s school teachers and their bus drivers who are now a serious threat to school kids.
    There are many incidents annually here, read all the items below and you will see how much danger is involved in everyday life for our kids. It is very disturbing.

  16. New Zealand is only so big! Tourist spots have become so crowded and polluted that Kiwis no longer want to visit them and the typical kiwi infrastructure surrounding them is failing! The Spring and water hole have become the cesspools of the countryside and you have to see the traffic to believe it. Use them at your own risk. We all know New Zealand has a major pollution problem!

    • Which could be easily solved if NZ did even a little thinking ahead. But no, the power of “She’ll be right” prevails while the bulge under the rug is set to explode.

      • Agreed, and this can only get worse as the number of tourists to New Zealand is set to explode this year. New Zealand is already suffering from tourist over-visiting syndrome and that’s that’s nothing against the tourists, after all, they are just coming to check out the Kool Aid as supplied by the NZ government.

  17. You have to question the safety of business owned rides and attractions in New Zealand. Within 2 days, the cable car at Happy Valley Adventures on Cable Bay Rd near Nelson became stuck after a relay burnt out with several people on board, just 48 hours earlier the Gondola in Christchurch’s Port Hills was left dangling dangerously with both adults, and terrified children aboard. The children reported believing they were going to die. The state of adventure tourism in New Zealand has long come under scrutiny around the world. If you are touring, be aware of these things in New Zealand as operators seem to be all about the money! I have included both items.

  18. Unfortunately, once again the children suffer in New Zealand, land of disparity and lies. Rangiora is a filthy rich farming community in North Canterbury. Rangiora High School is a mess. It’s dilapidated and under resourced and even the ministry of education claims to be concerned for the children there. Given this is a rich town and that $7m sits in the schools bank account unused, why is this happening and just how big is this problem New Zealand wide. Well, it’s not at all uncommon!

    • That article just made me cringe, what a load of nonsense. In particular..

      The proposed new flag.

      Was this Number 12 submission sent in by the Donkey himself?

      Having conversations for 30 minutes just using the words “bro”, “yeah”, “nah” and “mate”.

      Well if that is the intellect level most kiwis aspire to no wonder the country is going down the drain.

      You can rub shoulders with All Black greats at your local rugby club on a Saturday afternoon.

      Like you would have any interest in ‘rubbing shoulders’ with men who play the worlds most barbaric, tasteless sport.

      The most kindhearted people who genuinely care about everyone.

      Hahahaha… ad nauseum.

      The safety of being able to explore this gorgeous country without fear.

      If you’re naive and brainwashed enough to think so, which I guess most kiwis are.

      Watching the Black Caps demolish the Australians at Eden Park.

      Because bashing other countries is a national past-time, and in the dim mind of a kiwi, something to be proud of.

      “She’ll be right” – the answer to everything.

      The world’s most productive mindset.. the reason NZ culture is so backward and stagnant.

      And on and on it goes. When you skim through it, its clear that most of its ‘reasons’ are to do with bland food, scenery that the average person rarely gets to see except on trips every few years, that they probably can’t afford because of the high living costs, or sports, which are, unbeknownst to kiwis – not everyone’s ‘reason to live’.

      • Sadly, I feel you have hit the nail on the head. It’s the inability of Kiwis to afford regular trips anywhere at all which prevents most from seeing what’s actually going on outside their own street!

  19. Vigilantism is alive and well in New Zealand. Are your kids safe when this happens? In Masterton, after a crash involving 4 teens in a stolen car killed two of them, a young girl and here family have been singled out by a gang of drunken teenagers because they thought the girl was responsible for the crash. Their home was targeted and vandalised and the girl rushed out of town for her own safety. Ahh, the joys of living in clean, green, safe New Zealand.

  20. New Zealands power infrastructure is not solid! Power cuts are more common than they should be and there is no surprise when they occur. Money needs to be spent in New Zealand but profit for the power companies seems far more important than continuance of service. A woman has died and when her body was discovered, her breathing which she needed to survive was not running, her flatmate says because there was a power cut, and it appears, there was at the time she died. The fact that much of New Zealands power generation and distribution is done by it’s government, you know, the people who constantly tell the world how clean, green and fabulous New Zealand is, seems to imply a conflict of interests to say the least.

  21. As a general comment on the New Zealand of profit profit profit! – consider the Kiwi booze producers. A new report shows the New Zealand beer barons are deliberately targeting booze Kiwi hounds and alcoholics in the rush for excessive profits! It’s absolutely no wonder New Zealand has a massive binge drinking problem and all the huge crime and violence which goes along with it. Until the booze situation is sorted, New Zealand will continue on down the path of ruin by alcohol!

  22. With the risk of harping about rental house availability and ridiculous cost, I’d like to give one piece of advice to anyone wishing to come to New Zealand to live; BUY OR RENT A HOUSE BEFORE YOU GET HERE! Before doing so, I’d suggest you come here on holiday to see what you are getting. Come in winter and only view potential properties when it’s raining and cold!

    Here’s a couple of comments from Kiwis trying to get a rental:
    “It’s like $190 [a room] for absolutely terrible places,”
    “A couple of years ago, when we used to look for flats, for $200 [a room] you get a really nice place.”

    The problem is massive and worsening! When you read about the shocking, dirty, cold and damp housing conditions in New Zealand, believe it! The fact that thieving landlords can get away with this is proof of the apathy of Kiwis. Once you are here, you will be stuck if you have not pre-rented or bought a place already. I wish you the very best of luck – you’ll need it!

  23. No violent Kiwi Sunday morning is complete without a mass shooting! Street shootings, drive by and revenge shootings are common in New Zealand and police armed offenders call-outs quite regular. Last night, there was a multiple shooting in the street which resulted in several people in hospital. Outside your own home is quite an unsafe place to be right around New Zealand. Safe NZ? Friendly NZ? Great place to bring up kids? Whatever!

  24. Do you have teens? Are they a bit unruly, as all teens are? In New Zealand there are a shocking and completely disproportionate number of teens killed in police pursuits. Last night, there were two more. Sure, it may be their own fault that they find themselves being chased by the police, but nobody deserves to die like this and what’s more, members of the public are increasingly being killed in these chases. Stay at home after dark or risk being clobbered by a speeding teen or a gung ho cop!

  25. Something many of us in New Zealand eventually end up having to do is to visit the Work and Income (Dole) office. This has become fraught with physical dangers and the risk of gun violence. There were deaths in a gun attack by a man in the Ashburton office. Those poor workers were only doing their job and didn’t ask for some disaffected nutter to murder them. There are many aggressive and violent incidents in WINZ offices. So much so that there are multiple security guards in every office and to be honest, going into a WINZ office is very uncomfortable and feels threatening. Sooner or later, you will have to do it!

  26. Is it really true? Is New Zealand an unsafe, violent country. From my experience people tend to prefer being in numbers rather than risking attack by walking alone. New Zealand is dangerous and it is most certainly a country whose people are very quick to violence in everyday life. Would you expect to be safe in a New Zealand old persons home? The obvious answer is “of course”! Unfortunately, violence has pervaded the entire New Zealand culture and violence against the elderly is common, though vastly under reported because the elderly won’t make a complaint to police. The correct answer is found here:

  27. Speaking for New Zealand kids in desperate poverty is becoming a permanent occupation for many. A new school year is here, unfortunately, the money to put many kids through school, to feed and clothe them is simply not there. New Zealand, the land of bills and no money, is preparing for the onslaught of starving and under-clothed children at many of it’s schools yet again. Kids Can, a charity for such kids is overwhelmed by the ongoing and growing need these kids must live in. They look after 114,000 kids per year and they are not the only organisation doing this work. Kids in poverty = adults in poverty too. Is this the New Zealand you want for yourself and your kids? Wages are crap here and the opportunistic cost of bills eats up all your money! Don’t blame the families. New Zealand is not the prosperous country where life is easy and there is always plenty for all.

  28. As inappropriate as this is, I felt it should be known. By now, it should be widely known that house prices in New Zealand are way beyond the reach of most now, especially in Auckland and rents are massively overpriced requiring nothing short of sex agreements for young women to get into a house. The New Zealand Herald has just released an investigation into sex-for-rent in New Zealand. The practice has reached the NZ Police who are now actively investigating as it seems to involve very young women, mainly students and they may not be properly aware of the implications. I bet the government doesn’t put this in their “100% Pure” brochures.

  29. There’s poo in the New Zealand water supply again! Clean and green New Zealand?, more like dirty and brown. This morning, a “boil water notice” was issued for West Melton (there is E-coli in the town reservoir) which is part of Canterbury and slap bang in the middle of dairy country bordering Rolleston, a large new town! The problem is E-Coli. That means there is probably cow poo in the water table and there is concern this could spread. Boil notices are becoming quite common in New Zealand now and the most noticeable thing is that no one is linking the cow crap pollution problem to the spreading pollution. One thing’s for sure – when it hits your water supply, it’s serious and you had better deal with it!

  30. New Zealand has a shocking alcohol culture. It’s common to see drunken and/or stoned children on the streets, or anywhere for that matter – but still we close our eyes, and the good people of New Zealand just go their favourite place; denial! Thousands of children are treated for drug and alcohol abuse annualy in New Zealand. Does this sound like a great place to bring up kids to you?

  31. New Zealand is considered to be one of the least corrupt country’s in the world. With all the behind-the-scenes, 100% pure backroom deals going on and quick, midnight passages of laws that affect us all in New Zealand, New Zealand is beginning to look decidedly shady. This is borne out in the latest perception of corruption index, just released for the year 2015. New Zealand has slipped, yet again and the perception is that we are becoming more corrupt:

    • Yes, interesting times. The Police showing up at the houses of potential TPP protestors yesterday and also the heavy handed investigation of Nicky Hager. At the same time Judith Collins is reinstated as a Minister despite her close association to Cameron Slater. I am not political but this worries me that we are perhaps starting to see some rather borderline erosion of political freedom.

    • Let us not forget NZ Government gifts to a Saudi Business man. What is the difference between a bribe and a gift? To my mind a gift doesn’t require something back in return. Whereas a bribe does, such as a requirement to facilitate a free trade agreement.

  32. When considering emmigrating to New Zealand, if you have kids, bear in mind that they will certainly come into contact with the 325,000 New Zealand children who live in poverty, and the tens of thousands of kids bashed and otherwise abused here each year in NZ. It guts me when I see articles and news stories about this but it is so common for kids to be starved and abused here, you simply can’t miss them! Here is a report from todays paper about several children who were left to forage and steal to get food because of their fathers addiction to alcohol. Alcohol is a serious problem in New Zealand and it affects all of us, one way or another.

  33. New Zealand obviously has a clear set of guidelines for the rich and powerful vs the rest of us. A herd of cattle belonging to New Zealand Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias and her husband, the high profile businessman Hugh Fletcher, stand and crap into what was once the pristine North Canterbury lake Taylor. This is common in New Zealand and proves the point that New Zealand is most definitely NOT clean and green! If you can see a cow or sheep, there is pollution there!

  34. Whatever you think about New Zealand, it’s important to note we are a first world country. That said, there are hundreds of homeless and street people in Auckland and in all our cities. Land of milk and honey eh? Now, the local government in Christchurch is looking to curtail beggars asking for money or even remaining in one public place for more than an hour, as if moving beggars on will stop them begging! The big question is, “why are there even beggars in New Zealand if it’s such a wonderful, bountiful country?”


    This is the barmy view that STILL reigns here – somehow they have it better than anyone else. Well, I’d like to tell Kiwis YOU ARE BLOODY DELUDED.
    Everything printed in the Kiwi media is feelgood and reinforces that view of the idyll, &not challenging it. Because many of these miserables cannot leave the island, and they want many others to COME to the island so that cash will continue to fill the credit accounts. So they are not going to dwell on any downsides beyond what is perfunctory to maintain the illusion of a balanced media.

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