More Wanton Destruction In Kaikoura

Vandals left trail of destruction in Kaikoura

Kaikoura police are appealing for help to catch the vandals that left a trail of destruction in the West End of Kaikoura last Saturday evening

Car windows were smashed and planters ruined during the vandalism spree.

In another incident Kaikoura man, Camden Lief Mitchell, 20 appeared in court and admitted willful damage after gratuitously kicking in the storefront window of a Kaikoura takeaway. He was sentenced to 40 hours’ community work and ordered to pay $708.32 reparation.

“Police prosecutor Sergeant Graham Single said Mitchell was drunk and with friends at West End in Kaikoura about 2.10am on February 17.

As the group walked past several shop windows, Mitchell used his left leg to kick the window of Tornado Potato causing the glass to smash.

Mr Single said there was no provocation for the damage and Mitchell told police he was drunk and “was not thinking”… read the full story here

This wasn’t the first time Mitchell had caused problems. In December of last year he was given 6 weeks in jail for 5 charges of willful damage, disorderly behaviour and being unlawfully on a property. At the time of his sentencing:

“Defence counsel Kent Arnott said Mitchell had recently got a full time job which was “the best thing to happen to him for a long time”.

Prison would not benefit him, and things were “far better” because he had stopped using drugs.

Mitchell’s life had changed since he started working, he said.

Judge Alistair Garland said individually the charges would not justify a prison sentence, but together they showed someone who “indulged in alcohol and drugs, had an unhealthy lifestyle and a propensity for disorder”… read the full story here 

It is odd that he received a prison sentence for his offences last year, which included wilful damage, and then escaped with community work for kicking in a window a few months later. Perhaps the owner of Tornado Potato is wondering what happened to the deterrent element of sentencing.

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