Armed Siege in Wanganui

A NZ AOS Officer

Armed Offender Squad officers have cordoned off a Wanganui street after at least three gun shots were heard.

The NZ Herald reported

“At 2.45 this afternoon emergency services were called to the Wanganui suburb of Aramoho following reports of gunshots being fired.

A man was spotted walking around with a gun but he has since left the area, Inspector Paul Jermy said.

There was reports someone had been injured, but had only minor injuries, Mr Jermy said.

The Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) have since cornered off Hackett Street after police located a vehicle they believe the gunman might have been in.” read more here

Gang lands

People on the Trade Me message boards were quick to speculate the cause:

“gun shots fired in Aramoho,  a car has been discovered in Hackett Street Wanganui East , bet it’s gang related ”

“Maybe it’s the dad of the two year old that was run over?……”

Aramoho, Castlecliff and Gonville are known locally as “gang lands” and there are tensions between Black Power, Mongrel Mob and the Hell’s Angels

Hackett Street, Wanganui

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