Soggy fish and unfriendly Kaikoura

Continuing in our series of what Kiwis Say About New Zealand, first hand accounts of life in New Zealand as told by the locals.

Thinking about a trip to Kaikoura? be careful where you eat and whom you talk to. This was first published on the Trademe community forum.

 nannabanna: drove through kaikoura the other day stopped into the fish and chip shop by ***** (petrol station) ordered 2 fish was expecting nice fresh fish being so close to the sea what i got were 2 processed fish that were soggy and tasted like fish fingers did when i had them ages ago i would not reccommend them.”

jaydan1: I know the place you’re talking about…and I agree!! Revolting and expensive.

Fair enough, it’s reasonable to want fresh, well cooked food and one would expect a coastal community to have a good supply of fresh fish daily.  But perhaps the choicest fillets are reserved for the locals? because
Kinna54: “Kaikoura…my brother still calls it NZ’s most unfriendly place…. He came home from overseas and visited there…1st time he visited he was treated downright rudely by the locals… he went back thinking it was a “oncer”…unfortunately not…on his 3 visits was always the same…. He has now given up..won’t even pause there for a pee now!”
Ok then,  no toilet stops either. Or toasted sandwiches, or milkshakes?:
Fostey1: “I was passing through last year on my way to catch the ferry to wellington. Went to a cafe to get a toasted sandwich which wasn’t the best and a milkshake that was warm so I went back and asked for some ice in it so the lady said no ice so put a scoop of ice cream in it instead. was one of the worst I’ve had lol”
One swallow doesn’t make a summer though. That was until another member chirped up with
meathead_timaru:It’s a tourist-trap dump full of people with an over inflated sense of their own self-worth and a false belief that they’re entitled to make a living off anyone passing through foolish enough to stop.”
No prizes for guessing where he’s from.
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