Poverty and drugs on Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast

Spotted on the Hibiscus Coast Facebook page. Something to be aware of if you’re intending to emigrate with a young family to this area: Click to enlarge

hib coast drugs


3 thoughts on “Poverty and drugs on Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast

  1. The New Zealand government appears to be showing its usual level of blatant stupidity regarding legal highs. Making them illegal is NOT going to stop them from being manufactured, or distributed throughout New Zealand, as has been shown by the widespread availability and use of illegal drugs throughout the country.

    With an already overburdened police force incapable of dealing with the crime levels that already exist, the banning of legal highs is going to remove ALL possibility for their regulation or control, and place them firmly in the hands of the criminals (essentially opening up a new market for criminal activity). With most of these substances being synthetic forms of cannabis, these products are now going to add to a problem that already exists.

    The New Zealand government could have put in laws as to how, where, and to whom these products could be sold, such as they have done with alcohol and cigarettes (both of which are also drugs), but instead has chosen to effectively relinquish that control completely.


  2. and this week the government has tried to bolt the stable door after the fact on what is called locally “legal highs”.
    Drug along with booze culture in this country is shocking, people are just so blase about the whole business.
    The Govt minister, Peter Dunne (or as we call him Dunnenothing) who is overseeing the whole legal/chemical highs issue is the parent of the lawyer who represents the legal highs industry. FFS!

    Help someone get me out of here!


    • The whole legal high issue in NZ is a mess. It doesn’t help when nepotism and vested interests cloud the issue. Tell me, do dairies still sell legal highs to school kids?


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