Third Armed Robbery In Orewa This Year

Creole's Bar and Brasserie Robbers

‘Sleepy’ little seaside town, Orewa, has just suffered its third armed robbery this year.

Of course there may have been more than this. We’re just going on the news reports and, as you know, not everything gets reported these days.

Creole’s Bar and Brasserie on the Hibiscus Coast highway (above) was robbed this morning by two masked men at around 9 o’clock. They held the four staff at gunpoint whilst taking cash from the premises (source)

On 9 June a man with a knife tried to hold up a dairy at 5.30 in the evening,  and on 2 February the ASB bank was robbed by a man with a sawn off shotgun at 12.45pm.

Following the ASB heist there were three other similar robberies carried out in  Browns Bay, Panmure, and Pakuranga. They were all at banking premises, where a man entered the premises and held up the staff.

Before that there was a hold up at the Westpac Bank in Westpac Plaza (see below) in Orewa in October of last year.

It’s possible that all the bank robberies could be linked, if so the sooner the police find the offenders the better for everyone concerned.

The alarming increase in violent and armed robberies is thought to have been caused by the recession and a weak over burdened penal system that is often perceived as being too lenient on offenders.

Wikipedia describes Orewa thus:

“Orewa, a town in the North Island of New Zealand lies on the Hibiscus Coast, 30 kilometres north of Auckland City, and close to the base of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. The population was 7,326 in the 2006 Census, an increase of 1,692 from 2001. It is a popular holiday destination. Orewa is also considered one of the fastest growing places in New Zealand and is one of the most expensive areas in which to buy a house.

Orewa lies on the east coast of the North Auckland Peninsula, within the Rodney District and lies adjacent to State Highway 1. The northern motorway passes just inland of Orewa and extends through the twin Johnston Hill tunnels to near Puhoi

Orewa beach is one of the longest and safest beaches in Auckland. One of the more notable events on the beach is the Orewa Big Dig.”

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