Axe Attack In Palmerston North, Murder and Stabbing In Hamilton

Who’s live in and around Palmy with axe wielding home invaders on the loose?

Martin De Lautour, age unknown, was asleep in his home in Oak Crescent home, Ashhurst at 2.30am when three men smashed their way into his house with an axe and a firearm.

Fortunately he was unharmed during the invasion, but only because he managed to escape to a neighbouring house and raise the alarm. We shudder to think what may have happened otherwise.

It came just days after an 59 year old disabled man was roughed up during another home invasion in Taumarunui, King Country.

Police are still searching for the killer/s of a man found battered to death in Hamilton over the weekend, they’re also looking for a man who randomly stabbed a girl in the stomach as she walked home yesterday evening.

New Zealand, not quite as ‘safe’ as you’d think.

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