Kaikoura Firearm Chase and The Roar

thousands of ducks suffer in NZ

Local police are collecting evidence after a firearm incident at around 5.15am last Saturday morning in Kaikoura.

Police Sargent Barry Hansen said a man pulled a firearm on another man and “chased him round town” he didn’t have any information as to whether the two men were known to each other.

Senior constable, Andy Grant, in his weekly column for the Kaikoura Star wrote movingly about how a friend of his was killed in a tragic hunting accident.

He diligently reminded people to take care with firearm safety as the “roar” was fast approaching, pointing out the seven basic rules of the Firearms Code. (Free copies of the code are available from Kaikoura Police Station)

He said that he watched young men in the district attending court; he wanted to remind them at some time in the future they may want to apply for a firearms licence, saying

Now is a prudent time for those lads to change their behaviour, show maturity, responsibility and decrease their alcohol consumption

During the roar hunters take to the Kaikoura ranges and shoot wild pigs, and stags: it is not a great time to be out and about if you’re into enjoying the peace and tranquility of the great outdoors.

Fortunately all animal lovers are likely to be absent from the area now that the whale watching season is over. Whales are lucky that they took the evolutionary route that caused them to be water dwelling mammals. New Zealand has the distinction of being devoid of native land mammals for a good reason.

Hopefully people will get the message that alcohol and guns don’t mix and this year will be without incident.

In other NZ hunting news…

The annual ‘Great Easter Bunny Hunt’ – a fun family day out to celebrate Easter in the traditional way:


The Great Easter Bunny hunt: Is an annual event in Otago sponsored by MOA BEER. (who said alcohol and guns don’t mix?) Last year nearly 23,000 rabbits, 979 hares, 8 pigs, many stoats and a goat were shot. Killing can be such fun for the kids. The rabbit corpses were collected by a scout group for composting.

Its not just mammals that are fair game, some of New Zealand’s native birds are too.

“1 million birds slaughtered“: Duck shooting carnage begins early this year for the Paradise Shelduck  – DOC declared open season on the paradise duck with hunters invited to help reduce the number of the birds. These are a native New Zealand bird, once declared rare after being decimated by over hunting in the 19th century.

Careless and reckless behaviour during the first day of the duck shooting season resulted in a fatal shooting and the Armed Offenders Squad arresting a gun-wielding duck shooter in a bar. (There’s that connection with alcohol again)

Rosemary Ives’ killer is released after serving less than half his sentence (a school teacher was shot dead at DOC campsite whilst she was brushing her teeth one night)

Police name the man shot dead in hunting accident (a farm worker was shot dead whilst hunting rabbits)

Failure to correctly identify the target – is the main reason given for most hunting fatalities in NZ


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