Burnside High School In Lockdown, Gunman Spotted

Christchurch’s Burnside High School was placed in lockdown at 11 am after a man carrying a firearm was seen in the vicinity.

Reports on twitter say that armed police and dogs were moved into the school whilst pupils remained in their classrooms.

The Canterbury Star also picked up on the story, adding the following details

“The person, described as a Maori male, aged 16 to 18, wearing a black coat and dark jeans, was seen by students walking through the grounds carrying what appeared to be a silver pistol.

The weapon was not presented at anybody and no threats were made.

The male was seen exiting the school grounds towards Memorial Avenue…” more here

Police were unable to apprehend the suspect and the lockdown has now been lifted.

People from Christchurch took to the Trade Me forum to discuss the incident, with one person saying

“It’s been a warzone since the earthquakes, the snows, and violence including looting, and now this while the council and the govt do nothing – it is what it is down here. Like down at the O K Corale”

In November of last year an armed man was arrested in a gang related armed incident, just meters from two schools in Hastings.


One thought on “Burnside High School In Lockdown, Gunman Spotted

  1. I have now resided in christchuch for 8 yrs a migrant from UK .. Nz as changed so much in the time I have been here I remember when I had only been here for a few months and the lead story on channel one news was a hedgehog and her family had been killed on highway one .. OMG now NZ caught up with the rest of the world thugs ..


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