Brutal Kaikoura – Gulls Massacred on Wharf – updated

kaikoura gulls

Dead gulls litter the Kaikoura wharf

There’s been another wildlife slaughter in Kaikoura, as if seals, wild pigs and deer aren’t enough to satisfy the blood lust.

Some maniac has lured gulls with food, shot them and driven over their stunned bodies on Kaikoura’s wharf.

The founder of the township’s Marine Centre and Aquarium, Megan Bosch, has condemned the cruelty, mindful of what tourists would think. This isn’t a good look for the small town that makes a living from tourists eager to experience the local marine life.

From a report on

“I know people think they are just seagulls but it’s the mentality behind the cruelty that is so outrageous. It’s scary that they get a thrill out of it and we live among these people,” she said.

“This is a horrible sight for tourists to this town. These people who did this have got no respect for the town that feeds them.”

The Department of Conservation (DOC) and the police were contacted. DOC staff removed the dead birds and cleaned up the area.

Sergeant Julian Lewis said he had been alerted to the dead gulls by a number of concerned people, who were disgusted by what they described as a massacre.

“Police are also disgusted,” he said. “We are following a strong line of inquiry, and working closely with DOC to identify those responsible.”

Stuff also reported that this wasn’t the first time birds had been slaughtered on the wharf, citing two other incidents in July 2011, plus others in previous years.

The weekly Kaikoura Star reported the incident on Wednesday, almost a week after it happened. Also in the same edition were police reports of drunk driving, and arrests for trespass and assault. A local 24 year old man appeared in Blenhiem District Court and a 15 year old youth was referred to Youth Services.

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6 thoughts on “Brutal Kaikoura – Gulls Massacred on Wharf – updated

  1. For all that they make their money off of animals, they are not nice to them at all in Kaikoura!

  2. In the unlikely event that the New Zealand Police manage to find the perpetrator, the courts will likely grant him name suppression to avoid embarrassing him whilst handing out some insignificant punishment that is not commensurate with the premeditation and despicability of the crime.

    Alternatively, the police investigator might end up being his cousin or the judge might end up being his mate from the rugby or the local newspaper reporter is his wife, so the story will disappear down the memory hole and we will never hear anything again. If an animal rights campaigner tries to name and shame the perpetrator, then the perpetrator will go to cour, sue for defamation, and win damages because the judge is his mate from rugby.

    This is how the (in)justice system works in New Zealand, so prospective migrants beware.

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