Gordon Bennett! Paula is Taking Names. Again


Government minister Paula Bennett has a thing for names

Government minister Paula Bennett has got herself into yet another Twitter privacy stoush after demanding someone make their name public on the social networking site.

Diversionary tactics are commonplace in New Zealand (Prime Minister Key got himself thrown out of parliament yesterday, rather than answer questions). But one minister in particular has a creepy, more sinister way of avoiding uncomfortable questions…

But before you read the Twitter thread, read this Bennett in yet another privacy breach, from May 2010.

Remember, these people are here to serve us, but this is New Zealand – anything goes and it frequently does. Here’s the link for the thread.


9 thoughts on “Gordon Bennett! Paula is Taking Names. Again

  1. The sneering look on her face in that picture says it all. It is very typical and reminiscent of the ‘come and have ago if you think you’re hard enough’ kind of look you expect to see on the roughest of school playground bullies or on prisoner cell Block H.

    • Agreed regarding the sneering arrogant look unfortunately this is the look we have come to expect on the faces of our current dictorial regime members

  2. Just remember that Paula Bennet used state housing and affordable loans to get herself and her family off the poverty line and into the life they now have ,as did John Key ,now they not only withdraw the ladder they slash and burn the people who were just like them ,shame on these arseholes.

    • A few years ago I tried to phone Paula Bennet at her office to discuss the abusive way beneficiaries were being treated at the time. I never got to speak to her (thankfully), but the staff at her office were quickly shown to be a bunch of completely incompetent morons. They had no idea of her schedule, no way of contacting her, and didn’t even know the tax rates. All they wanted was my name so she could call me. I didn’t leave it of course, and I never phoned back.

      • Paula Bennet had a child at 17 years old ,living in Taupo she applied for and received the domestic purposes benefit ,most likely around $300 to $400 per week.Encouraged to get a job ,obviously she was 17 and had never worked,she started working two part time jobs .By her own admission she became exhausted and quit her jobs and returned to the then departement of social welfare and got her self back on the domestic purposes benefit.In those days , beneficiaries were encouraged to better themselves and were offered free tertiary education while receiving their benefit,Paula took full advantage of this and got herself a degree.Paula was enjoying the VIP lifestyle of a beneficiary so much she decided to get herself a house ,she must have felt entitled to a home of her own despite never having held down a full time job in her young life,so what would any professional welfare recipient do ,she applied for and received a no obligation grant of $56000 and bought a house by the lake in Taupo,we the taxpayer paid for Paula’s entire life to be laid out for her and I wouldn’t have begrudged her any of it had she not gone on to become the minister of employment and gone out of her way to ensure that nobody else would ever receive any of the benefits and opportunities she enjoyed .Every single programme Bennet took advantage of has now been axed under her leadership.

  3. I am the first one to say it should be different, but this is reality. You criticise the powerful, the establishment, the tall poppies, you better keep you head down, because the moment you stick up your head from the trench, they will “shoot”, and they have the “big gun”. Siemer openly criticised and exposed high-fliers and judges, which cost him a million dollars, his house raided, his children, wife and family harassed, and ended up bankrupt. What about Nicky Hagar. Same thing, house raided, family harassed, property confiscated, police made false statements according to the courts, but nothing happened to the police. Did John Key order the raid, we will never find out, and we better not claim so. The MP who openly contacted Police in a case of possible injustice lost his job, and was kicked out of politics. What about Julian Assange or Gottfrid Svartholm-Warg, both who exposed American war crimes, look what happened to them. Our only protection is anonymity. “I like to invite you for dinner – the wolf said to the pig.”

  4. when you say these people are here to serve us, do you mean behind the counter at the pie shop?
    The one that’s always out of pies as she beat us all to them!

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