#PanamaPapers. John Key’s Not So Blind Trust, the Rise and Fall of Jersey and the #TPPA



5 thoughts on “#PanamaPapers. John Key’s Not So Blind Trust, the Rise and Fall of Jersey and the #TPPA

  1. Yeah ,Nahh yeah I own a vineyard in Otago we make Pinot,Nahh I don’t actually own a vinyard ,ow Iowe have moni in a bloind trust which has some investments in stuff Iowe don’t know anything about.At the end of the doiy stop asking moi stuff O.K.

  2. Hey ADMIN.. you are famous. Are you going to be anonymous for ever. You could come on 6 o clock news and start a shit debate…Or maybe start a live chat newsfeed in the corner.

    • I often imagine who is behind this site. I remember a Christchurch based American lady being crucified by the New Zealand media a few years ago for daring to speak her mind about NZ on expat exposed (I think it was called). I wonder what happened to her and if she made it back to the USA. At the time it was a reminder of the immense courage some people have to speak publicly as the consequences are extreme. A few years ago an English school girl was doing some travels around the world and came to New Zealand and put on her blog that she found the place boring. This was of course national news in NZ at the time and then there followed anti English hysteria in the media and talk back radio and the treatment of this child was disgusting.

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