New Zealand’s Status as a Tax Haven is Confirmed. #Panamapapers NZ Told in Tweeets – updated

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Details of the Panama papers names are being released today, confirming NZ’s status as a banana republic in the southern seas

4 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Status as a Tax Haven is Confirmed. #Panamapapers NZ Told in Tweeets – updated

  1. I think all of those commenting here are missing the point. If people really wanted to set up business in NZ we shouldn’t be encouraging tax evasion as the main reason… we have an economy that could tank hard at any moment with the property bubble and no amount of public sector slashing and tax breaks for overseas exploitive investors will fix that situation. I would hardly call retrieving money that is rightfully the New Zealand public’s tax money is hardly snooping. I do digress and note that we are at least no Switzerland or any other country hiding Nazi gold in its vaults but it will be like that if we don’t do something now about the tax laws that are obviously self serving for those connected to the people running government. New Zealand is treated as the place it deserves to be from its neo liberal revolution to those carrying on the tradition bashing unions, fighting living wage movements, basically saying a big fuck you to anyone that’s poor and that’s why we have such high domestic and child abuse rates, because in the new way of life, you literally live to work when you’re in New Zealand.. very rarely is it the other way around.

  2. Ralf Crown – you have nailed the truth mate – I take my hat of to you. A highly enjoyable read. The Kiwi politicians have the heads so far up their own arses and they can’t see the damage they are doing to their own business credibility. Do they not realise that it is kiwi businesses that are benefiting from the current trust legislation? Although, its nothing it New Zealand to change law based on public opinion. I give up – let to ignoramuses fight between themselves, whilst the people with money quietly escape to real tax heavens like Portugal – 0% tax on passive income or Ireland 12.5% corporation tax rate. You see the other thing is that people with money DO have options. They will move on hence leaving this country with the dross that can continue in-fighting and robbing each other through new taxes aimed at ‘foreign’ invaders, supposedly hiding their wealth in New Zealand – give me a break!

  3. Sure, Kiwis are doing well in their efforts to scare off all the worlds business, business people, investors and anyone creating jobs. Exports dying, deficit ballooning, I already see the comments coming in China, our biggest market, it can be freely translated “fuck them”, they are not our friends. Nobody can trust them, no secrecy, who are the mongrels on that little island in the bottom corner of the map anyway. Snooping around in peoples private business to scavenge money is probably the worst anyone can do. The Panama leak has already been proven to be a US tax grab stunt anyway, why does kiwis wish for their own business death and departure of the welfare state. .

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