Kaikoura Youths Embarrass Town Again & Another ‘Once Were Warriors’ Upbringing

Disorderly and drunken conduct among the town’s youths has let down Kaikoura again.

A drunken brawl erupted outside of the Caves Restaurant late last Saturday night / early Sunday morning

This report appeared in the Marlborough Express, again there are appeals for the people to take responsibility for their own actions

Police are again warning the youth of Kaikoura to behave following a drunken party which left one man in hospital with a broken jaw and another facing charges of disorderly behaviour.

About 30 people aged between 14 and 20 gathered in the plantation opposite the Caves Restaurant in South Bay in the early hours of Sunday morning, said sergeant Barry Hansen, of Kaikoura Police.

A large number of those present were underage drinkers and some were “horribly” drunk.

Police were called after two cars were damaged when they drove into road cones the youths had put across the highway, and they were just lucky no-one had sustained a serious injury as a result, he said.

Police inquiries into the incident would be continuing, and sergeant Hansen urged those involved to come forward.

Some of these young people need to front up and take charge,” he said.. more here

There was also wanton vandalism, the Express said that permanent damage had been sustained to the area: the youths had cut down a number of trees and burned tyres in among them. The fire was eventually extinguished by roading contractors and a rural fire officer.

We’re shocked at the ages of the people involved, what were 14 year olds doing out in that location at that time of night?

Where is the parental responsibility and what should the community be doing to provide these kids with more worthwhile pursuits, or if that’s too much to provide at least keeping them off the streets and out of trouble.

Idea please?

Two more reports in the Express that same day,  first the lasting effects of another ‘once were warriors’ upbringing:

Drinking fighter sent to jail

A man who told police he liked to fight when drunk was jailed after appearing in the Kaikoura District Court on Friday for a serious assault which left a man unconscious and with substantial facial injuries.

Carlos Arkinas Patangata, 21, was jailed for five months for the December 4 attack in which he punched a man 15 times in the face after a night out drinking. A pre-sentence report made “fairly sad reading”, said Judge Jane McMeeken, with Patangata’s upbringing being compared to a “Once Were Warriors type of family“…

Kaikoura’s deputy mayor, Neil Pablecheque,  is believed to be one victim of assaults, some racially motivated, that have marred the festive season in the seaside town earlier this year. This was published in a news report on 04/01/2012

Deputy mayor alleged assault victim

At least seven assaults had taken place during the past two weeks, some motivated by racism, police said.

Sergeant Barry Hansen, of Kaikoura, said two men, both believed to be in their 50s and known to police, assaulted deputy mayor Neil Pablecheque, publican of the Lobster Inn, after he asked them to leave the bar for being rowdy on Christmas Eve.

Hansen said Pablecheque was punched in the head and needed stitches.

Pablecheque declined to comment, saying the case was going to court.

Hansen said two men would face charges – one for assault with intent and the other for disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence – after the assault.

Some of the recent assaults were motivated by racism, he said.

Racism is driving some of it. It’s the Black Power versus white supremacist-type stuff,” he said.

“We will take firm action and we won’t put up with it.”

A group of teenagers argued with a group of tourists and assaulted a 26-year-old man in Beach Rd in central Kaikoura at 3am on New Year’s Day, he said.

The victim suffered minor facial injuries after being punched to the ground and kicked in the head. He was treated by St John staff at the scene.

A 15-year-old boy was charged with assault with intent to injure and was to appear in the Blenheim Youth Court today… “more here

Another report by Radio New Zealand News gave additional information about the New Year’s Day attack and the arrests

There have been seven assaults in the past 2½ weeks including that of a Czech citizen at 3am on New Year’s Day. Police say he was set upon by five young men who continued kicking him while he was on the ground.

A suspect, aged 15, has appeared in the Blenheim Youth Court and police say further arrests are likely. Two men will appear in court this month accused of assaulting deputy mayor Neil Pablecheque.

“Weekend of Violence”

But the drunken violence in Kaikoura was just part of a much wider problem New Zealand has with alcohol fuelled mayhem

The Herald reported on Sunday:

Two men are in intensive care and a third has serious head injuries following separate incidents during a weekend of violence.

Police were called to a Wanaka house party where a fight had erupted between three men at around midnight on Friday, leaving one with serious head injuries…

…A man underwent surgery at Tauranga Hospital today after he was taken to the emergency department with stab wounds to his chest just before 3am…

…A south Auckland man was also in a serious condition after suffering life-threatening wounds following a domestic dispute.

Alcohol related crime cost the New Zealand justice sector an estimated $716.5 million, its police force spends $250m on dealing with the misuse of alcohol.

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  1. E2NZ you know it takes the village to raise the child.

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  2. Perhaps we shouldn’t be calling it a town? village would be a better description. According to the 2006 census, the permanent resident population is 2,172 and has only increased by 3.3% increase since the 2001 census, it obviously doesn’t get a lot of fresh blood.

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