Vandals Wrecking Kaikoura – Township Already Bypassed in Favour Of Other Towns

Call for cameras in Kaikoura

Call for cameras to protect tourists in Kaikoura

Pity the long suffering tourists in the little township of Kaikoura that are having their holidays ruined by constant vandalism.

In an article headed “Vandals wrecking Kaikoura image” 15 Jan 2014, the Kaikoura Star drew attention to multiple instances of mindless vandalism and theft directed against tourists and their vehicles.

The situation has become so bad one accommodation provider has demanded CCTV cameras be installed – much like tourist towns in other developed countries do.

According to the paper’s article The Kiwi Experience coach has been targeted by vandals, with damage occurring almost weekly: Stones have been thrown against its windows and its been tagged. This is said to be ” sending a bad message to potential visitors” and could drive-away tour companies. Some companies are already giving the township a miss.

Its also proving inconvenient because replacement buses have to been sent out from Christchurch which is 1.5 hours away.

Dave Stanford, owner of the Topspot and the Lazy Shag backpackers told the paper vandalism was making him angry and it often seemed to be aimed at tourists. On Christmas eve the windows of a tourist’s car parked outside Topspot was smashed and items stolen.

Advice? Park outside the cop shop

When Mr Stanford complained to police their suggestion was that drivers park outside the police station! He asked

Is that really the only place your vehicle is safe in Kaikoura nowadays – outside the police station?

And questioned why police weren’t doing more to catch the culprits because there have been problems since Dec 2012. He blames a lack of communication between the police and their reluctance to put up cameras.

“These guys should be policing. If they put cameras up they would catch them in five minutes”

Question about police competence

The Kiwi Experience bus was parked outside Tuti’s Restaurant on 17 Dec. when roofing screws were driven through its tyres. But despite the restaurant’s CCTV pointing directly towards the street police couldn’t identify the culprit because they said “the camera wasn’t working.”

Mr Gray is now trying to resurrect another community watch group, after the previous one became inactive.

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