Waitangi Day – Another Day in Socially Progressive New Zealand

Waitangi Day 2015

Waitangi Day, more sombre than celebratory

Against the backdrop of Waitangi Day we’re looking at how on earth New Zealand could have recently been voted the most socially progressive country, peculiarly as it went from zero to hero in the space of 12 months.

Here’s a round-up of today’s NZ social media posts…keep checking back over the next 24 hours to see how socially progressive this day is.

New Zealand holds its breath and prepares for anger and violence each time it ‘celebrates’ Waitangi Day

Looking like a warm welcome?

No name suppression is given to New Zealanders who aren’t prominent, ex-All Blacks, ex-police officers, or media personalities “who make people laugh” :

The mainstream media seems extraordinarily myopic at times:

Women of child bearing age discriminated against in the workplace (source)

child bearingring


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