Police Appeal for Help with Their Investigation of a Savage Assault in Kaikoura

Kaikoura police are appealing for witnesses to a savage, unprovoked assault in the part of the township known as the West End (see Google street view above).

The attack happened underneath the railway bridge (a particularly downbeat part of town, population just 4,000) around 1.30am on New Year’s day. A Christchurch man in his early 20s was left with serious facial injuries and was airlifted to Christchurch hospital (there’s still no local facilities to deal with serious injuries).

Kaikoura Sergeant Matt Boyce said

‘‘This was a serious assault. This sort of behaviour is not tolerated and police are keen to hold the offender or offenders to account for their actions.’’

Boyce also said that the assault was captured on the town’s security cameras  Witnesses are asked to contact Kaikoura Police on 03 319 5038.

Kaikoura rape still unsolved

There’s still no word on the outcome of the investigation into the rape of a woman in the town. The woman in her early 20s was attacked at around 6pm on 4th May last year.

The town has been beset by violent crime, vandalism and cruelty to marine life for a number of years

4 thoughts on “Police Appeal for Help with Their Investigation of a Savage Assault in Kaikoura

  1. Ahh the casual violence rears it’s head again. I’ll never forger the Christchurch dinner conversation about fighting outside bars. I’d been away for a while, but the fights used to be a regular occurrence. The Kiwi girl said “Yeah, nah, we hardly get any fights these days”. Just as we left the restaurant, that familiar ‘crack’ was heard as one neanderthal’s fist, collided with the cranium of another said creature. 2 sad 40yr old men fighting. Probably over a sheila..

    The P (meth) epidemic has changed the landscape with violence. You see it on the roads, and bars.. Awful stuff, random murders are up, machete attacks rose as P use increased, police seem unable to cope with the whole culture of violence in NZ.

    Been in London 20yrs this year, never seen a pub/bar fight.

    • Christchurch is a family friendly City by day and a dangerous wild west type of place at night. At weekends I couldn’t sleep because of the noise of cars. My street frequently had oil poured on it and was used for burn outs and drag racing. I moved out of the city a couple of years ago as was scared about raising by children in that place. We even had cars racing backwards on the pavement during day light

  2. This was a serious assault and this kind of behaviour is not tolerated say police,very funny,actually this kind of assault is obviously completely tolerated by police,the justice system and the N.Z public ,even the sanitised N.Z media can not hide the out of control nature of N.Z thuggish violent ,thieving behaviour anymore this happens every single day in this country .The days of acting enraged ,indignant and surprised are well gone in this savage violent country,spare us the bullshit.A smart person will carry a weapon and be very careful in this dangerous environment or better still, stay away from N.Z.

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