French and British Tourists Seriously Injured in Christchurch Gang Attack. Others Harassed in Timaru


two tourists attacked at Christchurch backpackers

Violent New Zealand. Two more tourists attacked. When will enough be enough?

The team at is appalled to learn that two male tourists aged in their late 20s, one from France and the other from the UK, have been seriously injured in a Christchurch gang attack. The men had been staying at the Vagabond Packpackers in Christchurch when they were set upon by a gang of up to eight people in the early hours of this morning.

New Zealand already has a bad reputation overseas for its violence against tourists, this recent attack will darken further its poor image with international visitors. wrote

Blood covers the driveway at a central Christchurch backpackers where two tourists were attacked by a group of people.

The tourists were attacked by up to eight people in the driveway of the Vagabond Backpacker Hostel on Worcester St between 2.30am and 2.45am on Saturday. Both men have been admitted to hospital. One suffered a broken jaw, while the other has serious eye injuries. The tourists were believed to be from France.

PJ Grillet, a tourist from Belgium who is staying at the hostel, said he was asleep last night during the attack but had heard what happened from other backpackers.

Grillet said a French man had been waiting for a taxi outside the hostel when a group of locals walked past. “The guy was getting harassed and yelled and his mates came out [of the hostel]. They tried to help him, but I think they didn’t helped. “There was a lot of blood this morning.”

Another French tourist said “a lot of people were talking about it this morning” at the hostel… read on

New Zealand’s media shies away from using the word “gang” instead preferring to use the innocuous term “group” However, gangs are responsible for most of the country’s street violence. The question here isn’t so much ‘did a gang commit this crime’, but rather ‘which gang did it?’

Predictably, the owners of the hostel have declined to speak to the media, not doubt they’re acutely aware of the bad publicity the attack has already attracted.

As yet the NZmedia have been unable to interview the two un-named victims. However, the press will be obliged to get the two French tourists to say the incident ‘has not spoiled their enjoyment of the country’ and they ‘intend to carry on with their vacation’.

Elsewhere in New Zealand, other French nationals were ‘terrorised’ by strangers as they slept in their campervan at Caroline Bay, Timaru. The pair were deeply disturbed by the incident, telling reporters “they thought Australia was safer” after they’d spent eight months travelling around Australia without incident

Francois*  and Fanny* spent eight months travelling around Australia without incident. They arrived in Queenstown on Tuesday and stopped in Invercargill and Dunedin before making their way up to Timaru on Saturday. Everything went smoothly until they parked their campervan  at the Timaru freedom camping spot overnight on Sunday.

“Only here we have a problem,” Fanny said.

At 3.45am they were rudely woken by someone opening the side door of their campervan and screaming at them to wake up. The door was unlocked because it opens onto the back of the kitchenette. The couple quickly locked the door and sat petrified as they heard the intruder get into a car and leave. They said it sounded like the car had other people in it and it did a burnout as it left.

“We did not know how many people there were,” Fanny said.

Finally falling asleep again at 6am their rest was shortlived when an unknown person banged on their window at 8am, giving them another fright.  Though there were other campervans parked nearby the couple were so shaken they did not want to risk going outside straight away. They are unsure if it was the same stranger and same car both times, but suspect it was.

“I think Australia is safer,” Francois said… read more

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