Another Tourist Attack in the Lawless North, Judge Fires Opening Salvo of the Season Against Crims


Don’t become a victim of crime in the Lawless North

Looks like the tourist attack season is well underway in the Lawless North.

Blink and you may’ve missed this report in today’s edition of It has taken four days for police to come forward with details of the crime and to appeal for help. The north is nothing if not laid back.

A 48 year old German tourist has been beaten senseless and left with serious injuries after an attack in Waipu on Thursday 13th November. Police have yet to find his tent, bicycle and other belongings.

Leave the tourists alone

One Northland judge has already fired a shot across the bows of the region’s criminal element and has just jailed one of them. Many of these men make a lucrative income from robbing overseas tourists. a report about one of them has just appeared in the NZ Herald

As Northland prepares to welcome an influx of visitors this summer, a judge has warned that criminals who target tourists and their belongings will face the full force of the law.

Judge Greg Davis sounded the warning in the Whangarei District Court this week while sentencing a young man who broke into four cars hired by overseas tourists that were parked at A.H. Reed Memorial Park in Whareora Rd, Whangarei, and stole high-value items.

Hare Shortland, 23, stole nearly $8000 worth of items. He attributed his offending to a lack of income and offered to pay reparation at $100 a week from benefits he intended to receive from Work and Income, but Judge Davis said that wasn’t realistic… more here

Meanwhile, in other Northland crime news…a man caught speeding while  under the influence of methamphetamine with a German hitch-hiker in his car has appeared in court.

The charges stem from an incident on October 25 when Martin led police on a 20-minute chase in Paihia, reaching speeds of 150km/h after police attempted to stop the vehicle for speeding. Compounding the situation was the fact that a German tourist was in the car. He also pleaded guilty on Wednesday to unrelated charges of possession of utensils for the manufacture of P, possession of cannabis seed, male assaults female, breach of bail and breach of release conditions… more here

Still thinking about visiting Northland this summer?

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2 thoughts on “Another Tourist Attack in the Lawless North, Judge Fires Opening Salvo of the Season Against Crims

  1. New Zealand is full of criminals. People here enjoy harassing and attacking each other. New Zealand is a criminal culture. Any more questions about your very expensive destination? Don’t come here! Better spend money on African Kids.

  2. The reports of tourist attacks in the digital media are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more tourist attacks you never even hear of. They’re in the back of the newspaper if you see them at all. The reportage is almost all local. Most especially if it’s negative. It always puzzled me why some tourist crime makes it “outside of” the local media and some doesn’t. For every tourist incident you can read about outside of New Zealand, there are easily 4 more that never make it out of the back page of the local paper.

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