German Tourist Assault at Franz Josef / Murdered Woman in Trunk of Car – Perp Was on Parole. NZ Justice System Fails Again

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Time to admit NZ lacks the ability to deal effectively with crime

Department of Corrections officers have told the press that the man arrested in connection with the rape and murder of care worker Amy Farrall, and the robbery and savage attack of two German female tourists Niki Honda and Michaela Brandl, had been released from prison on parole less than six months ago.

“The 38-year-old man was sentenced in the Palmerston North District Court in May 2009 to five years and three months jail for an array of crimes including burglary, theft, arson and manufacturing methamphetamine.

He was freed on parole from Rimutaka Prison last October.

At a hearing a month earlier, the Parole Board ruled the man’s risk to the community could be ”adequately mitigated” over the remaining nine months of his sentence.

”He has tentatively proposed that in time he may work with a friend in Christchurch,” the board’s decision says.

The special conditions of his release meant he was not allowed to consume and possess alcohol, illicit drugs and synthetic cannabis.

He also had to complete rehabilitation programmes…”more here Terror spree suspect on parole – Stuff.

According to data complied by New Zealand’s Sensible Sentencing Trust 43% of prisoners released on parole in NZ are reconvicted within 24 months. Furthermore, bail is granted for 81% of charges for a violent offence.

The Trust’s website contains the stories of many families ripped apart by violent criminals failed by an ineffective justice system that is under-resourced and stretched past breaking point. It is a system biased towards the offender, with little regard for victims.

This is one of their stories, written by Kevin McNeil, son of Lois Dear (Lois was brutally murdered and sexually assaulted in her classroom at Strathmore Primary School in Tokoroa.  23 year old Whetu Te Hiko pleaded guilty to her murder. He had 13 prior convictions, 8 of which were for assaulting women and children in 10 months,  from April 2004 to February 2005. His brother Hamuera was jailed for sexually violating and beating his wife to death in 2001. It is not known if the school improved its security after the attack. source)

Six years ago, my mum was brutally murdered. She was a 66-year-old dedicated new entrant teacher who was setting up her class for the new school term when Whetu Te Hiko walked in and gave her a disgusting beating that can only be described as horrific. He had five previous convictions and had not long been out of prison for a violent crime against his own partner when he attacked Mum. I will never understand why he was allowed to graze and mingle with people in society. The system that is supposed to keep us safe is offender based…


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3 thoughts on “German Tourist Assault at Franz Josef / Murdered Woman in Trunk of Car – Perp Was on Parole. NZ Justice System Fails Again

  1. 43% of prisoners released on parole in NZ are reconvicted within 24 months? I reckon the rents are too high, and they reoffend to restore to free room and board status. That and Kiwis seem to lose 10 percentage points in personal morality with every generation.

    • You could be right about the rents. New Zealand prisons are built to be more comfortable than the average Kiwi home too – underfloor heating for example.

      Inmates will have computers in their cells, with streams of viewing available: free-to-air television channels and educational information, designed to enhance their vocations or careers once they are out. At allegations of comfort, Holyoake quips: “It will be an environment where people feel supported and respected.”

      New Zealand prisons are now designed to “mirror your own personal journey” through the system…The concept of punishment has been removed. Instead, this is about rehabilitation and reintegration.”

      Prisoners are no longer kept in cells but in “Double-bunk and single-bunk rooms

      No wonder the crims will do anything to get back in and the tourists are clamouring to get out!

      Only in New Zealand would a life of crime bring such massive rewards for the perps, and such devastating consequences for their victims.

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