Police Hunt Onehunga’s Serial Sex Attacker – He’s Probably a Child

indecent assaults in Onehunga

Onehunga Primary School posted this warning on it’s Facebook page.

A reminder today that New Zealand is neither a great place to be a woman, nor to raise kids. New Zealand has some of the highest rates of sexual violence due to a lack of education and normalisation of these kinds of indecent assaults:

Police are appealing for help in their search for a young man, maybe as young as 12, believed responsible for more than 10 indecent assaults on women in the past six months.

The teen is believed to have targeted and assaulted 11 women walking or running alone in the Auckland suburb of Onehunga since October 2015. In each case, the woman was approached from behind.

The offender is described as a young Maori or Pacific Island teenager, between 12-16 years old and of a thin to slim build. He has light brown hair which has possibly been dyed a yellow/brassy colour. In many of the reported cases he had been wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt and knee-length shorts.

Detective Constable Patrick Whitiora of the Auckland City Police said police would be releasing a map illustrating the locations, times and dates where the women were targeted…source

During one incident, a woman was putting her kids in the car when he indecently assaulted her from behind.

Auckland Women’s Refuge support worker Karis Vesey said it is not fair that women should have to change their daily routines out of fear in situations like this, but “in this day and age people have to be cautious”. Ms Vesey said New Zealand has some of the highest rates of sexual violence due to a lack of education and normalisation of these kinds of incidents. source

At the end of last month police made an urgent appeal for help on their Facebook page. Reaction from the public was mixed, with some people saying the police didn’t help them when their homes were burgled, and they don’t see them patrolling the streets – why should they help them catch this offender.

Shane Clough This has been going on for months police do not care #whereareonehunga police? I don’tsee police patrolling the streets does anyone on Onehunga? Onehunga police do no care my neighbors were robbed while they slept guess who did not turn up when they were called?

Ed Tupper Probably flat out dealing with domestics, shootings, stabbings, kidnapping etc etc. I doubt cops cruising round in their cars would do anything more than slow a few drivers. But I expect soon enough there will be cameras and drones all over the show, probably a more effective and efficient deterrent.

Shane Clough This sex offender has been roaming Onehunga for a long time now cars are getting broken into cars are getting stolen houses are getting burgled known sex offenders an pedophiles roam the street’s daily there is no point calling police they don’t show up police in Onehunga only concentrate on people driving 55kmph on the main roads.

Niki Phillips Probably the same guy that tried climbing in my bedroom window at exactly 2:50 on Tuesday night… Police didn’t really want to know about that… He left a huge palm print but the finger print guy dismissed it…you had to be standing in the window to make the print ….

EmanuElla Ricci Just now on 345 dominion Rd similar event guy slim light skin but Maori looking fake blonde, hoodie on followed a girl intimidating her looking in her eyes, all the way inside a dairy

Aksarapak Sumankant I heard so many things going on lately and this freak me out. Had to walk my baby in a stroller with nunchaku. I feel unsafe unless my husband walk with me.

Donnelle N Leighton Ruka Frick! Waaaay to close to home.

Recent incidents in Onehunga

13 April: Onehunga women reclaim the streets – police offer them 2 free self defence classes.


5 April: Brutal attack on elderly couple in Onehunga.

1 April: Auckland police were hunting for ‘serial groper’ after string of assaults.

11 Feb: Police hunt offender after young women indecently assaulted in Onehunga.

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