Emigration Forums Not Best Places for NZ Research – So, What IS the Deal with NZ?

Most people use the internet to do their emigration research about New Zealand, that may be how you came across this site.

Some people will visit forums and seek out support and advice about visa conditions and what it’s actually like to live in New Zealand. What may not be immediately obvious is that many of those forums generate a sizable income from selling you immigration related services – look at the ads.

Are you necessarily going to get an honest, unbiased opinion from sites whose job it is to sell you something? Think about it, they’re hardly likely to tell you “actually, New Zealand is a bit crap and you could do a LOT better elsewhere.”

And it’s not all about the money. The people who inhabit these forums suppress negativity with self censorship, instigated and promoted by the forum moderators to keep the threads on-message. Simply put, none of them want to admit they’d made a mistake by moving there and talking about mistakes is bad for business. Read our Welcome Page to understand the psychology behind that.

Here is one question that was presented by a potential immigrant to one of those forums. S/he wasn’t allowed to make any more like this (Presumably s/he was banned for asking it: labelled a troll by an ‘over zealous’ convert moderator keen to shut down negativity).

Here, on this site, s/he will actually have the chance of getting an answer because ‘we ain’t selling nothing.’ If you’ve already done the emigration journey to New Zealand help out our other visitors, please can you give an answer to it.

I want to know all the bad things about New Zealand.

My husband has this extremely naive, rose tinted lenses, view on the country.
He;d like to emigrate there. But I don’t believe the hype.

So, whats the deal with NZ.

I don’t believe that it’s so good. Not one bit.

I don’t care about what country we’d go to, if we won the lottery.
My demands for that are straightforward.

speak english
temperate climate
good internet
no games and media censorship
people that keep out of my business
supermarkets and convieniant and low priced shopping
affordable places to live in rural areas
House with central heating and a combination boiler.
no water regulation garbage

NZ is the closest to this,as far I can tell.

I don’t like beaches, I hate barbecues, and I don’t go hiking or any of that.
I just want a temperate place to live, in the country in a nice area, with proper shops, with not too high expenses.
Were people keep out of my business.

I don’t believe for 1 minute that NZ is this nicey nicey place they like to project. The promotion is sugar coated drivel.
No place is that nice.

Every single country ever, has bad things in it.
Be it a high council or land tax, or high health fees.
There’s always something.
There has to be taxes. Sometimes for good reasons. Sometimes for stupid reasons, just to make money.

But they never mention the bad things, when promoting it.

So, tell me the bad things. All of them.
No hiding things. I want the full list.

What is the housing like? Are wages low? Expenses high?
Are the animals toxic to a high degree?

I am not a easily fooled pansy. I want supermarkets and shops.
Proper supermarkets not some overly cutsey many shops far away thing.
I want to be able to go to a shop when I need to.
To be able to buy what I want.

I don’t care about people. So long as they keep out of my business, I’m fine.

NZ strikes me as very sickly country. Projecting a non existant ideal that never existed. There is something very wrong with the lack of bad things mentioned about it. It does’nt strike me as being honest.
Something that not even the tacky australia does.
No way I’d go to australia. But it seems quite honest in promoting it.

What is the games and media market like? Can you get all the games
and films that other countries get?
I know australia does’nt.

Gaming is very important to me. I want to be able to get games when I want, and to play F2P PC games when I want to.
No censorship garbage. No blocking them for country.
I’ll take the games coming out later. So long as they come out.
I don’t buy games till the price drops a LOT, anyway.
It the internet regulated and censored.

What is the crime like. Are the police effiecient.

What happens if you get a emergency?
Would your emergency broken ankle trip to the hospital be compounded by a massive bill?

One thing england does right, the NHS.

Do you need health insurance?

What is the work conditions like. Are they corrupt, or union regulated?

What if you have a dispute. Will the unions be able to argue in your defence?
Not saying they’re any good, but you have to know if they are in effect.

Are there any outstandingly huge taxes or expenses?
There’s always something.

From other threads, there appears to be some stupid charges.

I would want to live in the country and no other place.

In a place without earthquakes. His brother got earthquakes.

What is the religious tolerance like.
I’m a pagan. I won’t be go to a place that is anti pagan and polytheistic.
Im not a overt show off, I just want to know.

What about racism.
I’m white, so the white on others is’nt my problem.
We’re both white, so we’re fine for that.

Is there any other race on white racism?
You never know.
No chance I’m going a place were there is.

What are utility bills like.
Do they pull stunts with the water in summer. Like stopping you washing or hosepipe bans.
I don’t have hosepipes or use them, but it’s a example of rubbish that they can try.

Is there any stupid house and garden rubbish.

I know a friend in america who had nasty authorities ripped up his front garden for not being a lawn.

I won’t be going anywere that demands you have the same garden as your neighbours.
I will make my garden what I want it be. But make sure it’s safe to go down paths and pass, obviously.

What is the councils like. Are they intrusive.
Are all rural areas piped water. I won’t be messing round with a generater and septic tank.

What is driving like. Is it heavily taxed. Are roads tole roads. What does transport cost.

What are the authorities like. Are they more sickly, overbearing, than the average athority?

Just how backwards is this country.

Please, answer me as honestly as possible.
I want to hear the very worst things of this country.

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  1. Madam, you appear to be a perfect candidate for emigration to New Zealand. Demanding, incoherent, lacking organisation and too lazy to do your own research. Oh yes, and white. Central heating and combination boiler, low priced shopping, good internet – what planet are you on?

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