Happy Australia Day to all our Australian Readers, Sorry About the Kiwi Xenophobia

We have a good many Australian readers and we’d like to wish you all a very happy Australia Day.

Today we’ll be looking at Australia Day from the Kiwi point of view. Are New Zealanders capable of wishing their ANZAC chums all the best on their national day, or will it be filled with passive aggressive back-biting and xenophobia?

Let’s start with this report in Stuff.co.nz that starts well but quickly descends in to the inevitable slap-down (compare it to Ben Groundwater’s original article here)

Best experiences in Australia: The things they do better than anywhere else. Great headline, Stuff is off to a good start.

According to an Australian travel writer there are some experiences the country does better than anywhere else.

In honour of “Australia Day” Ben Groundwater has come up with ten key things that make Australia a great tourist destination.

But we reckon New Zealand could beat our neighbours on all fronts – except for the “Deadly Creatures” they can kindly keep them.

That took three sentences. The article continues with a list of things that Australia does better than anywhere else – including beaches and seafood.

National ire thoroughly stirred, the NZ locals were quick to sharpen up their pitchforks: below the article are a load of comments criticising Australia and the people who live there (read them yourself, they’re too shameful to repeat here)

However…some more perspicacious commenters weren’t so easily led

Clive Sheridan
Stuff – your xenophobia is childish and frankly embarrassing. How old are the writers? Certainly not mature – this is the work of a school child, barely out of nappies and looking for some way of getting back at the schoolyard bully. Grow up Stuff, you are an embarrassment
Thanks stuff for constantly nurturing the kiwi inferiority complex and obsession with Australia. On cue the cliche comments will come putting them down to make us feel better about ourselves, and to do it right near their national day is pretty pathetic really. Having lived there I can guarantee you none of them there care what we think about them, but man this stuff is so embarrassing, hopefully we grow up as a nation in my lifetime and lose this insecure need to constantly compare ourselves to them. I love both countries, proud to have lived in both but I’m really tired of this one sided obsession we seem to have. Happy Australia Day any Aussies reading, ignore the sad people here who probably have never even been to your country.
“But we reckon New Zealand could beat our neighbours on all fronts – except for the “Deadly Creatures” they can kindly keep them.” I highly doubt that part was? Sounds so needy and insecure. The fact this is even an article on a NZ news site is embarrassing, you would never see this over there on their media. It’s not even rare either I see an article like this probably once a day that basically exists just to compare NZ to Australia and for people to bash them in the comments.
couldn’t agree more. NZ has a huge case of inferiority complex. Australians rarely think of NZ, and they are certainly not envious of us. what about the rugby I can hear the low decile population ask? Australians barely care about rugby either.
David Holden
He left out the best part. In Aussie, almost ALL Australians party, share and share alike, and have a great day cleebrating Australia. Contrast that to the Kiwi day, Waitangi day. A bunch of entitled people will protest, there will be fights, some people will spit on the PM, and it will be an enormous whinge fest. In contrast, give me Australia Day anyday, its a day of National Pride, compared to NZ’s day of shame.
Spread the word mate and help stop them crossing the ditch. There are 650,000 of the blighters over here already. That’s about 15% of the Kiwi population. Can you imagine…..15% of Kiwis live in Oz. They just keep coming. I lived in the Shaky Isles for a few years. I didn’t like it too much mostly because it’s damp, boring and lacks fun but other than that it was okay. I do recall some happy moments and for those who don’t know any better NZ could be mistaken for somewhere nice. So mate keep the kiwi flag flying high (including the new one which incidentally was designed by a kiwi bloke called Kyle who lives in Melbourne) and spread the word the NZ is okay contrary to the fact that 650,000 or 15% believe otherwise. Australia is counting on you mate.
Cue the insecure Kiwi p1$$ing contest
Australia Day Tweets.

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We’ll be covering Waitangi Day in due course.

6 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day to all our Australian Readers, Sorry About the Kiwi Xenophobia

  1. Typical Kiwi reaction. First step to fixing the deep inferiority complex which plagues NZ is for the kiwis to realise that the rest of the world dont give two hoots about them. NZ is like a gutless heckler screaming dribble from the back row.

  2. Don’t worry Australia,N.Z people hate everyone equally be it our neighbours across the Tasman or the ones we have living across the fence next door.During the 80s and 90s most anyone in N.Z with any get up and go got up and went, this was to escape the horrible oppression prevalent in N.Z. This mass migration had the effect of leaving the lunatics in charge of the asylum,many of them have now interbred making N.Z a form of hell on earth administrated by the weakest and most incompetent of the shallow cowards who had neither the balls to leave N.Z nor the guts to change the shallow unfair society here in N.Z.Unfortunately some of these retards from our Isle of despair manage to sneak over to Australia and attempt to contaminate your society ,for this I am truely sorry .
    Happy Australia Day !

  3. Admin,

    Thanks from this Australian. Actually most Australians are completely unaware of the institutionalised Kiwi Australia-bashing, particularly by the country’s so-called ‘opinion leaders’, there’s no equivalent in Australia, as “Chileo 1” commented. The country is not on the Australian horizon, apart from as a holiday destination, so most of us have absolutely no idea. Perhaps the Australia phobia is a relatively recent development that concedes with NZ’s relative economic and social decline. I’d worked with Kiwis for years here in Oz with no problems, they assimilated well. The first time I encountered “The Ugly Kiwi” was at a wedding, there was a Kiwi couple at our table, the husband, who obviously had a skinful, started bad mouthing Australia and Australians. My wife said “They’re Kiwis, they have an inferiority complex about Australia”, until then I had no idea of the general animosity.

    We haven’t bombed, invaded or toppled governments in the country, in fact, New Zealanders are given special privileges that are not available to other foreigners, and they still whine. So why the resentment? Sour grapes and envy, probably. If the majority of Australians ever becomes aware of this attitude, they will slam the door shut.

    I hope you have a happy national day as well, whenever and wherever you celebrate it.

    • It’s not a new thing. I lived in New Zealand for the first 9 years of my life, and I visited Australia a number of times during that time, and I’ve visited a few times since then as well. I’ve consistently noticed Australia mentioned in NZ media far, far, far, far, far more times than NZ in Australian media.

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