Palmerston North Hammer Attack On Teenager Blake Coleman

19 year old Blake Coleman (photo Manawatu Standard)


“The phrase “hitting the town to get hammered” has taken on a whole new meaning for a Palmerston North teenager.

When Blake Coleman, 19, questioned the ages of a group of young teenagers drinking Woodstocks outside a city bar about midnight on Friday, he was met with an angry response.

Thinking it not worth the hassle, Mr Coleman threw his hands in the air, turned his back and walked away with his friends.

Seconds later, he turned his head just as someone approached him from behind and swung a hammer at his face. The blow landed with such force the hammer flew out of the attacker’s hands and landed in a gutter nearby, Mr Coleman said.

“We got out of there pretty quick in case they had other weapons … If one was carrying a hammer then they could have had knives too. (see ‘more teens wielding knives’)

“My hands were covered in blood and it lined the street from High Flyers to ANZ.”

Mr Coleman and his friends were assisted by a passing police paddy wagon and eventually taken to Palmerston North Hospital by ambulance.

He was shocked by the assault and would “definitely have a second think” about going to town again, he said. He received nine stitches to his wound thought to be from the claw end of the hammer a tetanus injection and at least a week off work.

Mr Coleman’s mother, Carol Coleman, wanted to raise public awareness about the dangers of walking around The Square at night…….”

A 15 year old male was later arrested and charged with assault with a weapon. More here: Teen attacked with hammer