NZ Great Place to Raise Kids – Teen Savagely Beaten in Whangamata. The Coward Punch is a NZ Thing

coward punch

Street assault on a teen leaves him semi-conscious and needing medical attention.


“I know of the victim of this attack. Completely decent young working man (18). One of the three attackers had been sent away to a small mid country town to try and change his behaviour. Looks like that failed. The other two were from Waihi. There was also a bunch of their mates watching. So a pretty intimidating, gutless, cowardly attack. I think the kid who videoed this will also be in trouble for not reporting a crime.”


“im from the area, from what iv heard, a few guys went down and sorted these guys out, 1 broken jaw, 3 hospitalized, good job, law enforcement does nothing to these kids, what they needed from their dads, they got from the community.” source reddit/newzealand

Still think New Zealand is a great place to raise children, that they can be kids for longer? Not with the Kiwi culture of brutality.

In October a Wellington man was found guilty of manslaughter after he killed a man with a single punch. The style of punch, called a Coward Punch in New Zealand, often leaves victims with severe head injuries and is frequently fatal. Hariboy Hetaraka, 42, was sentenced to only 11 months home detention for ending another person’s life.

In September Cruz Mason Murray, 27, was found guilty of manslaughter for killing a man with a punch to the face in Tawa. The judge sentenced him to three years and seven months in prison, telling him to do put his time to good use and do some courses.

More Kiwi coward punch stories here.

14 thoughts on “NZ Great Place to Raise Kids – Teen Savagely Beaten in Whangamata. The Coward Punch is a NZ Thing

  1. I almost threw up last evening while reading this disgusting news. The kind of crime reported in NZ is way beyond any sane imagination. The society is just going down the drain:

    If you think the crime isn’t that disgusting then do read about the punishment this person gets:
    – Eight months home detention
    – 100 hours community service and
    – 20 months of judicial monitoring

    Which means there will be so much of taxpayers money wasted on a full time person to monitor & counsel this sicko.

  2. Even when I was in high school like 15 years ago, this type of blind side punch was common.

    Admin, I may have missed it but I don’t think you have Tian Wang’s case on here, the Chinese girl beaten at the Papakura train station. I just saw a group of teenagers have been arrested an placed in some sort of youth facility. It’s really disgusting, they smashed her face continuously, and have severely damaged one of her eyes which will need surgery.

    I’d like to know what the punishment will be but I suppose they’ll all get sent home with a warning. There’s no prevention system in NZ. It’s clear that these sick individuals exist to hurt others and enjoy it and will do so again.

    • What do you want to do exactly?

      Also, I’ve recently been informed if a group of people in Papakura who are sick to death of the bullshit.
      Seems our council are only concerned with Takanini and the Wallace group pulling their strings.

      The Warehouse and Dick Smith moved up there and they’re slowly draining this town. If they keep this up it will soon be no more than a gang infested wasteland.

      I remember when Calum Penrose seemed to really care about this town but I guess he got paid or something.

  3. This is NOT the New Zealand that the British, Americans, Australians, and Canadians are constantly being told is “a green and peaceful society”. i realize that crime is everywhere, but the youth in New Zealand seem to be bored, bitter, and “off the hook”.

    • They are also immature ,undereducated and receive a constant reaffirmation of their entitlement to do as they please as they are the best in the world at everything.The youth in N.Z is being completely ignored as we blithely set our course to the new New Zealand ,the one with a terrible low wage economy ,overpriced everything ,user pays everything and big business foreign owned corporate everything,if we just ignore our youth and fill the country with young immigrants who are looking for a better life maybe it’ll all just go away.our fearless leader John Key and his sidekick Paula Bennet are having a great time lifting the bridges after they have made it safely across the ravine,both the scum balls enjoyed a system which had a heart,both lived in govt subsidised housing and enjoyed a heavily govt subsidised education system having achieved their goals they have dehumanised the system and basically left the youth with nothing to look forward to and no safety nets,very few effective drug and alcohol counselling services ,huge competition for even the worst entry level jobs ,unfair 3rd world employment laws and virtually no govt subsidised training programmes.100% Pure N.Z .

      • And, as a fifty- three year- old American, I truly hate to hear it. My father served in the Pacific theater, in World War 2, as a paratrooper. He was stationed in Australia, near Brisbane, before being sent to the Phillipines. I know that he had a deep respect for Kiwis and Aussies, and that all of “us”, Brits, Kiwis, Aussies, Canadians and Americans, fought together, and, in many cases, died together. I used to hear how Kiwis could build anything, and could “make do” with anything. Everyone “ribbed” each other, but every man had the others “back”. And I know that the bond between New Zealand, and the United States, is a very old one. I hate to read these things. I worry for these youth, because they are going to have to run things, whatever we might leave them. I hope that it makes a turn. I really mean that.

      • I work in the support work field and it’s always having funding stripped away. There’s no prevention model because NZ is not interested in spending money in a ‘what if’. The ambulance at the bottom of the cliff as I always say. It’s also forbidden to ever say a person is wrong.

  4. Just boys being boys ah .Murdering each other because there are no consequences ,actually quite likely the guy will receive a huge amount of respect for the brief time he’s in prison ,idolised for being such a tough guy.meanwhile the murder victims will still be dead,the families will be forever grieving .Gota love N.Z ,the judicial system differentiates between the weapon used to achieve the same result,death,now if a baseball bat or a knife had been used the crime would have been called murder and the assailant would have recieved a much harsher sentence ,maybe 5 years in jail!!
    It’s great that our judicial system normalises and encourages violence ,I’m sure the judge gave the guy a stern telling off though.Meanwhile stay tuned ,next week we will hear of a more horrific crime ,German tourists getting their skulls smashed in by violent youths or the like ,then there will be the same old lame ass public outcry of how this kind of thing just doesn’t happen in N.Z ,people will make weak gestures of hospitality offers to the victims ,a few will donate a couple of bucks ,the public will hear all about how it’s not the youths fault as their parents were crack smoking alcoholics addicted to gambling,the youths will get home detention for 3 months ,the victims will be physically and mentally damaged for life and next week it’ll all happen again.

    • Not to forget service at the nearby church or a candle light vigil, then onto next crime (in waiting). Same old, same old….

      • With due respect for Jo, I was simply amazed by the mass running – it (the event) wasn’t necessary at all. I believe the danger is not just for scantily clad joggers (wearing Nike, Reebok or other merchandise) but individuals that go for morning, evening walks, the security guards doing their duty without any backup or security for themselves. But again, people like O’Donnell (and rest of the locals) don’t think twice to make use of such opportunities, do they!

      • It freakin’ irritates me. They actually believe they’ve reclaimed something and the bad thing has gone away.

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